Although the category is fiction these are stories about things that have happened to me in this lifetime. I'm going to try to update weekly but sometimes it might be more and others it might be less


1. The Shadow

When I was younger we lived in this cozy little house by one of the larger cemeteries in the city. That was the first house I remember living in. My parents have pictures of me running around the empty rooms with blank walls. I was making carpet angels on the day we moved in. I didn't recall the day they took those pictures or even the next couple of months. My first memory in that house was not a good one, I woke up from a nightmare one night and tried to scream but realized I couldn't. My voice was taken from me while I sat up straight in my princess bed with the white embedded canopy and looked in the farthest dark corner of my room.

There, I assumed looking straight back at me was the shadow of a man. He was tall and skinny and slouched just the slightest bit because he was taller than the skyscraper ceiling in my room. Once more I tried to scream but my voice was still running farther and farther away from my numb body. I couldn't move, frozen in my bed, my back straight as a line, my eyes wider than they had ever been before. All I could do was stare in awe as this shadow with no body stared back at me. 

I sat there, traumatized, paralyzed unable to move any part of my body. I could barely breathe, sometimes I forgot to, other times I didn't want to. I figured if I don't breathe I will die, and when I die I don't have to look at the supernatural being that makes no sense. How can you have a shadow without a body? My three-year-old mind couldn't comprehend what was happening. I couldn't shake my head, get out of my bed or even move my arm just the slightest bit to turn the lights back on. I sat in that same position all night, staring in confusion at the law defying figure in the back of my room. As I said before I was three at the time and my non-developed brain couldn't understand what was happening. When the sun came up it brightened my room through the enormous windows spanning the length of my walls. I barely noticed. 

I had decided that there was a body there, I just couldn't see it and like any other body, it created a shadow. Invisible to me or not it was still a body, to this day I'm not sure how these shadow people work. That answer that I came up with when I was a mere three years old had satisfied my need to know how these things worked. Until about a year maybe two ago. 


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