Babygirl Your The Devil's Angel

Jenny is a hunter, along with her half brothers Dean and Sam. She wasn't originally like that, she had a normal life. Jenny had friends kept her grades up in school and was always a huge fan of the paranormal. She only found out the truth when she found her dad's old stuff in the basement. When she suspected something was up with her mother she decided to look into her dad's books when she found a phone number, she calls it not knowing what to do. Little did she know that was just the beginning of her new life.


1. Babes cant be hunters my ass

Jenny's P.O.V

I was just waking up, my mom had been acting weird for days she would come home drunk be super aggressive and yell at me a lot. My mom is super laid back and didn't really drink unless it was new years. My mom and I don't really look alike and get mistaken for friends not mother and daughter. My moms a brunette with hazel eyes and she's around 5,6 my mom was also 38. Im a blue eyed blonde and I'm 5,7 and a half 5,8 I turned 18 back in June.


I was on my bed looking at the ceiling when my mom came in. "I'm going out for drinks i'll be back later do what you want I don't give a shit," she said. I nodded and went back to daydreaming. I usually never go into the basement but I remembered that my dad left books for me before he left us. My dad was always nice to me, he used to swim with me in our pool and take me out for subway every now and then. One day my dad went on a business trip, I didn't think much of it until he didn't come back. My mom said that he was and asshole, that he didn't love us anymore and that he left because he didn't want to see us anymore. I was only 10 or 11 and I couldn't understand why he would leave us. After he left my mom got re-married only to get a divorce 4 years later. I never really had a good male figure so I got into some really bad relationships. I found a box in the basement labeled Jelly-Belly. That was his nickname for me, he called me that because one day he was watching me I was about 3 and I decided that I was going to rub Jam all over my belly. I opened the box and at the very top was an envelope addressed to me.


Dear Jenny

If you have found this you were probably bored and wanted to search for those books I told you about. They are all copies of original books that either I or other hunters have written. You are probably wondering why you would want a bunch of hunters books, that is because I'm not talking about regular hunters. I always loved how interested you were in the paranormal, how much you cared about it. Now here's the truth it's real, I may sound crazy but I'm not I promise. I'm a hunter, a monster/ghost hunter, there aren't a lot of us but the few of us that are... still alive are trying to save the world. You have two older half-brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. Your mother never knew what I did, I had another wife she died years ago when Sam was just a baby. She was killed in a fire and I'm not talking a normal fire, it wasn't supposed to happen and she had a warning. If you need anything give your older brothers a call, here are their numbers. Dean:447-458-2788 Sam:378-947-3827. They will help you and you should know that this world is not as safe as you think it is and you need to find your brothers as soon as possible. They don't know that you exist, you were a secret. There are some files on the back to prove that you are indeed my daughter and that you're not a demon trying to kill them. Call them whenever you need to, if you need anything I can assure you that once they believe you they will always be there for you. I love you, Jenny. But whatever you do DON'T miss me and don't get attached to anyone once you join the hunters you will only be putting them in danger.


I had to re-read the letter a couple times before realizing what it meant. I took the box and ran upstairs to my room, I threw the box on my bed and grabbed my phone. I took a look at the note again and decided to call Sam first. I dialed the number and waited, somebody, picked up, "Hello" it was a man. "Hi is this Sam Winchester?" "Yeah, how do you know my name and who are you?" "My dad said if I ever needed any help to call you." "Okay that explains the first question but who are you?" "Jenny, Jenny Winchester" The line was silent, "Is this some sort of joke because if it is it isn't funny," he said. "You want my address I have proof, of who I am" I replied. "How do you know I'm not a creep." "I trust my father now do you want it or not?" I said impatiently. There were now two voices before he returned. "What's your address." I smiled and gave him my address and he said that he would be there in twenty minutes cause he was in town. I thanked him and hung up, now I can finally know the truth.


Sam's P.O.V

Dean turned to look at me, "Why are we doing this man dad is gone you know that, he's not coming back." "I know Dean but if this girl is really our sister that means we have another sibling that we didn't know about, she could really help us," I said turning to look at the road. "Come on Sam, what do we know about this girl, we know her name and her address. That's all we know we could be walking right to our deaths and we are just allowing it to happen." We turned into her drive way and I looked over at Dean "We can still leave Dean." He turned off the car. "If this girl is really in trouble it could be our fault we did open the devil's gate and if she's not lying she's our half sister and deserves an explanation. We got out of the car and went up to the door. We looked at each other and he presses the door bell, it's too late to turn back now.


Jenny's P.O.V

 I heard the door bell and ran downstairs, I opened the door and smiled two boys stood there one in plaid the other in a leather jacket. "Your Jenny," the one in plaid said, I nodded. "I'm Sam this is my brother Dean." "Come in." They both walked in and I lead them into my living room/kitchen because they were attached and we sat down on the couches. "So looks like we have some explaining to do."

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