hey im sarah and i cant say i live the perfect life ok deal with it i can break a mans jaw in a snap dont mess with me


1. ..

hey im sarah im 19 and live with my two bros logan the oldest and jake the second oldest logans 22 and jakes 21 where all 1 year apart so i gotta deal with it  


''sarah!!'' i heard logan yell ''what logan!'' i yelled getting up ''come down here !'' logey yelled i ran downstairs and saw he was mad ''that dog is dangerous'' he said holding mt intimidating male black pitbull nick by the collar ''i told you not to hold nick like that!'' i said taking him back ''hes dangerous he got to go'' logan said his face was red of anger ''no'' i said petting nick ''i said he has to go or not hes not gonna live anymore '' he said still red ''why do you have to hate my love for dogs and my love for nick'' i said crying it was'nt the first time logan did this he always hated nick''whats going on here'' jake said walking out of the kitchen ''ohhh ill get going now'' jake walked back in ''get him out of this house in the yard now'' he said ''hes gonna freeze its winter!'' i yelled ''i dont care its out or hes gone.....forever'' i took nick's leather leash and put on his harness ''lets go boy'' i walked outside nick followed behind

i stoped at the park and nick jumped on the bench next to me ''whats gonna happen to you to us the worls best friends '' nick layed his head on my lap and whined ''its ok boy i wont let him take you'' i wisperd and pet him 

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