Bare || H.S

He was a true beauty, carved like David and worshipped by the gods. I thought I knew him but his demons were resting waiting to strike, behind the mask of angels they sat. It was terrifying and somehow beautiful. His eyes were like medusa but you did not turn to stone instead it was as if Cupid struck you with every arrow he had and you stuck by him no matter what because he was a piece of art that needed to be treasured.


2. two

I was framing pictures when I heard the front door open and I frowned knowing that Dominic wasn't going to be home until late. I stood up and walked out of the room when I saw an all too familiar face waltzing in. "Harry long time no see." I smiled lightly as he walked in the with all of his bags and he was wearing a tropical button up that hung loose on his body.

"Marisol, always lovely to see you around here." He greeted me with a warm smile and a tight hug followed by a swift kiss on the cheek. "You cold?" He wondered as he looked at my sweater.

"Yeah a little bit." I told him with a smile. "How was Hawaii?" I wondered.

"Oh it was beautiful." He said with such passion. "I had a lot of customers surprisingly."

"That's always good."

He left his bags in the hallway as we made our way to the kitchen. "So what's been happening around here?" He wondered as he stretched his arms.

"Same old." I shrugged. "You hungry I can make you something?" I offered.

He frowned for a second before opening the fridge. "I'm not my brother love I can handle myself." He smiled.

"Well I best be getting back to my work." I told him honestly. He nodded and asked to see some of my work once he'd settled in which I of course agreed to. I showed him some of the baby photos I did which were some of my favourite at that time. I did a beautiful woodland themed wedding too.

We were busy making pasta for dinner when Dominic came home. It was obvious he wasn't aware Harry was supposed to be home by how taken back he was when he saw him in the kitchen. "Harry I thought you weren't supposed to be back for another month?"

"Missed you too brother." He laughed patting Dominic on the back. "Chicken basil pesto for dinner tonight." Harry stated as he started to serve up three bowls. We all ate our dinner and I went up stairs to have a shower and what not whilst the boys caught up. I was busy putting my facial moisturiser on after my shower when I heard the bedroom door open and close. Dominic stepped into the bathroom watching me with hungry eyes. He walked over and placed a soft kiss on my cheek.

"You have no idea how grateful I am that you stayed." He told me running his fingers down my arms and over the bruise that he left when we got into a fight. Talking about it was the hardest thing we had ever had to do. When I tried to leave he grabbed because he was begging me not go. I didn't want to leave either, so I stayed.

I turned around as I placed my hands on his neck and reaching my lips up to his. His hands were on my back pulling our bodies closer together. It had been too long since we had sex and I didn't want it to be like this. It didn't take long for us to make our way to the bed and to get his clothes on the floor. It was more lust than love but I needed him close to me. The sex was different, he was a lot more dominant and it was rough. I wasn't complaining but it was just ... different.

The next morning Dominic was off to work once again and I had an engagement to shoot so I only was back at home around two. I was starving so I wandered into the kitchen so that I could make myself some lunch. "Hey how'd the shoot go?" Harry asked from behind me which caught me off guard because I didn't realise he had walked into the room.

"Jesus you scared me." I chuckled before going back to the fridge. "Yeah it went great actually, I'm making a sandwich did you want one?" I asked politely.

"No thank you I already had lunch." He admitted as he lent against the kitchen bench next to the stove. I started making my sandwich and tied my hair up so that it wouldn't get into my food. "What happened to your neck?" Harry wondered as he walked closer to me.

"What-oh that's nothing." I said as I turned around to face him.

"Marisol." He said raising his eyebrows at me so that I would show him. "Did my brother do this?"

"No- well yes but it wasn't like that things just got a little rough in bed last night." I admitted shrugging and turning back to my sandwich. He took the opportunity to pulled the back of my sweater down and I turned around to stare at him with wide eyes.

"It looks like he beat the crap out of you." He told me with a concerned voice.

"Harry it's not like that I promise you."

"If he ever lays a hand on you, you make sure to tell me okay?" He insisted and I just silently nodded. he was truly concerned about me, I had known him for two years but guess I just never took notice of how close we actually were. I spent the rest of the day finished the frames and packing them so that I could post them. It was Friday night but I didn't feel like going out, I just wanted to have a quiet night in so I was sitting on the couch with some popcorn and Harry cane into the living room. "Not going out tonight then?" He frowned.

"Didn't feel like it." I shrugged eating some more popcorn.

"I thought you always felt like partying." He laughed and stole some popcorn.

I shook my head, "Not anymore." I told him. I thought about it for a second realised I hadn't gone out with the girls for a while. I just hadn't felt like it lately, I was enjoying just staying at home relaxing.

All was going well until Wednesday night. Dominic came home very drunk and Harry had gone out to take some night time shots. I was worried about Dominic so after dinner I went upstairs to check on him but met him at the top of the stairs. "Hey I was just coming to check in you." I admitted sheepishly.

"I don't need you to check up on me you're not my mother." He tried to step past me but I stepped in front of him.

"No Im not, I'm your girlfriend and I'm worried about you." I told him.

"I don't need you to look after me." He insisted pushing passed me forcefully but I grabbed his arm as an attempt to stop him. My two left feet mixed with the force of him pulling his arm free led to me tumbling down the stairs. I could felt like I could barely breath with my heart pounding out of my chest. "Marisol!" I heard Dominic yelled his voice laced with concern. "Oh god -I-I didn't mean to I swear-" I cut him off placing my hand on his cheek.

"Shh." I told him. "It's okay it was an accident." It really was, if I wasn't so off balance I probably would've stayed up. "But I think I broke my arm so could you please take me to the hospital?" He gently picked me up and carried me to the car. The drive to the hospital we just listened to the music on the radio and walked into the emergency room. First I had to get some X-rays done and then I was in with a doctor.

"Ok so you've definitely broken this bone right here. So we will need to put a cast on for eight weeks." The doctor told me and I just nodded before he started to wrap my left arm. He let me choose baby pin for the final wrap I was actually kind of excited. I felt like a kid again. Too bad it was my left arm otherwise I could've had slaves for two months but unfortunately for me I wasn't so lucky.

When we got back home it was already extremely late so we decided to lay down and a watch a classic Jim Carey movie whilst we cuddled on the couch. The feeling of having his warm body so close to mine was euphoric. I could have stayed like that forever. Of course with me being me I'd fallen asleep so quickly by the comforting feeling of his legs entertained with mine and the feeling of his fingers in my hair.

Of course the feeling didn't last because when I woke up he was, it felt as if he had disappeared into thin air and I laid there sprawled on the couch with a blanket over my body. My arm was throbbing so I decided to sit up and strap it up so that it was elevated. I'd never broken an arm before so I didn't really know how hard it was to do things with one hand. "You having fun?" I turned to see Dominic with a light smirk as he sat on the kitchen counter just watching me struggle.

"Rude." I muttered as I rolled my eyes.

"Fine I'll help you." He fake sighed as he walked over and gently tied the white fabric over my shoulder so that my arm could sit nicely in it. He smiled as he let go of the fabric and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Thank you." I leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. He was off to work and I decided to start breakfast. Luckily I had only had a couple of baby photo shoots booked for the week so I could work with just one hand and a tripod.

I was busy pouring some muesli into a bowl when the twin startled me. "Jesus Harry." I gasped as I turned to look at him but he just looked like a tired mess. He glanced down at my arm with a frown.

"You decide to go skateboarding?" He questioned clearly making fun of me.

"I fell down the stairs okay." I told him as I finished making my cereal. "You were away all night how'd the photos go?" I wondered realising that would've been why he looked like he'd only seen an hours worth of sleep. We chatted for a while and later that night my two best friends decided to come over seeing as I was now disabled and clubs were definitely not a good idea.

"I know I'm so clumsy!" I laughed as I sipped a glass of champagne. We'd pretty much taken over the living room with music on the TV and we were sprawled across the couches just chatting about what we had all been up. It was a great night and we did have quite a bit to drink, they didn't leave until around midnight so I would say it was a successful girls night.

Though with my broken arm I didn't see them as much because I really did not want to go party with a cast. I stayed home with Dominic pretty much the entire two months I had my cast on. Sure he would go hang out with the guys every now and then but I enjoyed just resting my arm. The closer the time came to take it off I started to get restless because I couldn't wait to have both my arms back to functioning the way they should. It got easier to pick things up and use my hand in general so when the cast was cut off I felt a sense of freedom. It made my job a lot easier with setting up the tripod as such I was surprised and I hadn't dropped the camera once.

Dominic and I's sex life was also put on hold because, try having sex with a broken arm. It just doesn't work. Not pretty.

"Hey did you two want to come out tonight?" Harry wondered as he ate a pack of potato crisps. Dominic and I were lounging on the couch with his arm draped over my shoulders as I cuddled into him. I turned to look at Harry with a questioning look in his face.

"Where to?" I chirped, I was ready to jump at the chance of going out and socialising because I was so cooped up in the house for a few weeks.

He shrugged, "A friend is having a party nothing huge but since your cast is off I thought you might be up for a little party." Harry suggest an I nodded eagerly before looking at Dominic.

"Come on let's go it'll be fun." I smiled lightly and he scanned his eyes over my face before slowly nodding.

"Go get ready then." I grinned excitedly as I kissed him and ran upstairs to changed out of my sweatpants. I didn't take long at all to choose my attire because I was so excited to get out. A simple off the shoulder playsuit sufficed and I paired it with some stockings to keep my legs warm. The white lace gave it a bit of flavour and I did a simple makeup look since it wasn't going to be anything big or crazy.

I hadn't been to a house party in a while, I had been at a party that has ended up at someone's house but people actually throwing a party at there house was rare because drunk people and fancy houses are not a good combination. I strutted down the stairs once I was finished and the boys just sprayed on some cologne before we took off. I wished I could've just sprayed some perfume and left the house but that would just be plane embarrassing really.

When Harry had said it wasn't anything big, he wasn't kidding. It was literally just a large group of friends hanging out. There were twenty maybe thirty people there and spread out in the large house it was barely anything. "Nic, Marisol- meet Niall this is his place." Harry introduced us to a cute blonde and I smiled as I shook his hand.

"S' nice t' meet all of ya." His Irish accent took me by surprise slightly but it suited him. He lead us to where everyone mainly hung out which was in the entertainment room. There was a pool table, a bar, a huge TV and a good sound system. He was definitely one to entertain. We got a drink and me and Dominic planted ourselves on a sofa because we didn't know most people so we were being introduced to everyone but by bit.

"Dominic is it?" A shaggy brunette came up to us reaching his hand out to Dominic. They briefly shook hands as he nodded. "Wanna join us for a game of pool?" He looked at me and I nodded for him to go along.

"Sure why not?" He kissed me on the forehead and I smiled as he got up to go join in on their fun. It didn't take long for the Irish boy to join me on the sofa.

"Marisol yes?" He asked as if he wasn't quite sure he had remembered my name. I chuckled and nodded assuring him it was in fact my name. "Another drink?"

"Why not?" I smiled as we made our way to the bar on the other side of the room.

"What do you drink?" He wondered as he got behind the bar.

"Rosé please." It was possibly my favourite alcohol next to champagne. He smiled and pulled out a bottle along with some glasses.

"So how long have you been with Dominic?" He asked as he sneaked a glance at him playing pool whilst he poured us two glasses.

I smiled at the sight of him, "Almost two years now- in August."

"Wow going strong then hey." He chuckled with a wide smile as he handed me a glass which I thanked him for. We chatted for a while as we walked around and he gave me a tour. He showed me to the balcony which had a marvellous view. I was laughing at something he had said and then he poured us another glass before putting the bottle on the balcony ledge as we continued to chat.

"What are you doing?" I felt as if though my legs were going to cave in as the deep voice startled me.

"Dominic you scared the living hell out of me." I chuckled but I could tell he didn't look to happy.

"I was just getting to know Marisol." Niall smiled towards him as I walked closer to him.

"Rosé?" I chuckled giddily as I held up the glass that only had one sip left. His strong gaze stayed on Niall before looking down at me.

"I hate rosé." He stated flatly and I silently took the last sip.

I looked back at Niall as I grabbed into one of Dominic's hands. "It was nice meeting me." I gave him a small wave before walking out of the room with Dominic. But he instantly let go of my hand and grabbed my wrist as he dragged me to the bathroom. "Dominic what are you doing?" I asked as he shit the bathroom door.

"What was that?"

"What?" I shrugged completely oblivious to why he was so upset with me. He just gave me the raised eyebrow look before gesturing to the other room. "I was making a friend." I told him with a slight sigh realising he was jealous.

"He was hitting on you." He rolled his as he firmly had his hands on his hips. "I know you wouldn't like it if I was hanging around with girls that were flirting with me."

I placed my hands in his chest and looked up at him. "Dominic, babe, I'm all yours. Don't forget that." I told him and he grabbed my wrists roughly before easing up and pulling my hands to his face.

"All mine." He repeated and I nodded placing a longing kiss on his lips before we returned to the room with his hand on my waist. We sat down again and started up a conversation with another couple whom was at the party. I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom but as I was walking down the hallway I ran into Niall, the host.

"Hey is your boyfriend okay? He didn't seem too happy before." Niall wondered as he leaned against the wall.

I smiled at the thoughtfulness, "He's fine just a little jealous I think." I shrugged fiddling with my fingers as we spoke.

"You sure? I mean he seemed a little - " He trailed off as he didn't want to finish but I was curious by this point so I wanted to know.

"A little what?" I asked frowning.

"A little possessive you know?" He shrugged.

"Who's possessive?" I turned around to se Harry had now joined our conversation with his arms folded across his chest.

"No one." I stated looking between the both of them. "Dominic just got a little jealous it's nothing serious." I assured them both, it wasn't a big deal but they were about to turn it into one and it wasn't going to end well if they did.

"Marisol if something going on you have to tell me."

"Nothing Harry. Nothing is going on." I left the conversation with flustered cheeks so that I could finally make it to the bathroom. Luckily when I was done they were no longer standing in the hallway. I sighed of relief and joined Dominic back on the couch. He wore a lopsided smile that told me the alcohol was starting to set in. I think it was happening with mostly everyone because it started to get a louder and a little more rowdy.

The couple we were talking to were now making out on the couch and it was a little awkward because they were in the middle of the room. The boys playing pool started to play longer games because they were unable to keep the cue steady. Harry was just chatting with a few of his friends laughing every so often. I was just leaning against the door frame observing everyone but the next thing I knew Dominic pulled the glass out of my hand and put it on a nearby table. "Dance with me." I rolled my eyes as he pulled me towards and open space. Clearly he was drunk because he wasn't a fan of dancing. He spun me around as I giggled and he held both my hands as my back was pressed against him as we swayed side to side to the music. His hands led me as he spun me around again, we were enjoying ourselves until a girl came up to us.

"Mind if I cut in?" I frowned at her words.

"Uh, sure?" I said very unsurely as I looked at Dominic. He just shrugged as he let go of my hand and I felt slightly offended by his actions but I pretended not to notice as he started to dance with the other girl. I walked over and picked my drink up to take a sip only for it to get taken off of me again.

"You're really going to let him dance with her?" The thick Irish accent wondered and I looked over at Dominic who was too close for my liking to the strange girl.

"They're just dancing." I shrugged as I looked at Niall, he looked slightly discouraged but then he grinned widely at me as he too my hand.

I look down at our hands and frowned. "Then we're just dancing." He insisted as he pulled me over to dance whilst a few other people had already joined. His hands were on my waist but they were high enough for me to be comfortable, I thanked him for that. He then grabbed my hands as we started to dance like we were in the fifties and he spun me around a few times before I tripped and fell into him causing his arms automatically latch tightly around my waist. I laughed awkwardly as I stood up and increased the distance between us, his sweet smile faded slightly and it was like taking arrest away from a puppy.

I decided that I wanted to get out of there because that Niall boy was making me feel all sorts of tingling that I shouldn't have been feeling. I walked down the stairs and out the front door as I sat on the steps waiting for the boys to come out. Soon enough Harry was dragging Dominic who could barely stand. I helped him out as we both carried him to the car and laid him in the back seat. The drive home was silent apart from the radio and Dominic's occasional groaning. We managed to get him to bed but I was so buzzed I didn't want to sleep, somehow I decided I would rather get something to eat. A bowl of berries was the easiest thing that I could get a hold of that was sweet enough to satisfy my cravings, though clearly I wasn't as buzzed as I thought because the minute I was on the couch I fell asleep.


I woke up to the horrendous sound of a blender at 6 in the morning, I jolted away from my space on the couch as I looked up and saw Dominic in the kitchen. "What the fuck are you doing?" I yelled over noise of the blender and suddenly it stopped. He calmly took off the lid and poured himself a glass of his early morning smoothie. "How are you even up right now?" I groaned as I leaned my face into my hands, I just wanted to get a good nights sleep. When I didn't get any reply I looked up and saw him standing by the couch hovering over me. The confused state that I was in didn't seem to help the situation at all as he grabbed a fistful of my hair.

"Did you have fun with your new 'friend' last night?" He wondered as he bent down to be face level me and his voice was as calm and raspy as ever.

"It wasn't like that." I begged as I leaned into his hand trying to relieve the pressure I felt on my scalp.

"Don't lie!" He boomed throwing me back onto the couch. He used his legs to straddle me and suddenly the situation turned sexual. "Your mine you know that." He told me as kissed me along my jawline and I just nodded. A part of me was scared to death and another part of me was enjoying his dominant behaviour but I didn't know what part of myself I trusted the most.

Somehow our relationship turned into this constant battle of should I or shouldn't I. It was becoming exhausting and I knew I loved him but I don't at what point our relationship took the turn that it did. I convinced myself it was going to be okay, it had to be because I wanted it to be. It was clearly a phase we were going through and I wasn't going to have to stick by him if we had any chance of getting through it. We were in for long ride.

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