Bare || H.S

He was a true beauty, carved like David and worshipped by the gods. I thought I knew him but his demons were resting waiting to strike, behind the mask of angels they sat. It was terrifying and somehow beautiful. His eyes were like medusa but you did not turn to stone instead it was as if Cupid struck you with every arrow he had and you stuck by him no matter what because he was a piece of art that needed to be treasured.


1. one

*disclaimer - this story will contain an abusive relationship of this may trigger you in anyway please stop reading - this is all completely fictional none of it is based on real life events

Secondly - characters are simply based of of artists and actors so that the story can be envisioned easier - all the character attributes I created and in no way represent the artist or actor in real life*

"Baby what are we eating tonight?" Dominic asked as he lounged on the couch looking back at me, I was getting a glass of water from the kitchen as he just watched me. His longing green eyes following my every move.

"Sweet potato salad and grilled chicken." I informed him and I could see him scrunch his nose just at the thought. "You need to learn how to eat a little healthier you know." I told him as I sat on the couch next to him snuggling into the cushions.

"Do I really?" He whispered as he leaned his toned body over mine and placing a soft kiss on my neck. His time at the gym definitely paid off but we definitely didn't have the same taste in food.

"Don't change the topic." I groaned putting my glass on the coffee table.

He simply smirked and pressed his lips to mine. "I'm not changing the topic." He insisted as his lips moved against mine. I couldn't help but get distracted by his plump lips as the worked on mine.

"Dominic." I groaned, he definitely had his way of getting me in the mood for sex but I had plenty of errands I needed to do.

He chuckled as he ran his hands down my legs pulling them around his waist. "Just once?" He asked looking down at me. I just rolled my eyes knowing I was going to cave because he already got my me all hot and bothered.

"Dominic Styles you will be the death of me." I laughed pulling him back down to meet my lips. The good thing was that we lived alone for the most part, his twin brother lived with us as well but he was in Japan for a few months shooting for fashion magazines so we had the luxurious house to ourselves. Around 5 o'clock I got a call from one of my best friends.

"Marisol, babe- we are going out tonight." Tessa told me over the phone.

"Doesn't sound like I get a choice here." I laughed.

"No you don't, it's my cousins birthday and we are going clubbing so you better be ready by 8 because I'm picking you up." She squealed.

"Fine fine, let me just check with Dominic but I think he can manage with eating pizza tonight." I laughed knowing he'd rather order take out.

"Perfect I'll see you at eight." After that she hung up and Dominic walked out of the bathroom with a towel hanging low on hips after his shower.

"Who was that?" He wondered.

"Tessa she wants me to go clubbing with her tonight." I told him. "You don't mind ordering take out do you?" I asked as wrapped my hair into a bun and tied it up.

"Didn't you guys go last weekend?" He asked with his eyebrows furrowed together.

"Yeah so?" I laughed lightly, I liked to go out with my friends that's just the kind of person I was. Bubbly and out going. He still didn't look too happy about my decision so I reached out and grabbed his hands. "I'll be safe I promise." I smiled and kissed him which earned a grin from him.

"You know to call me if anything happens right?" He asked and I nodded rolling my eyes which caused him to grab my bare bum. "Round two?"


I clipped in my hooped earrings and smoothed out my peach coloured satin dress. Dominic came into the bathroom with a devilish look in his eyes as he gripped onto his own jaw staring me up and down. I smiled as I watched him in the mirror. I enjoyed the way he admired my body, he made me feel wanted and loved. "You look too good to be going out without me." He told with his deep voice sending shivers down my spine. I grabbed my highlighter and opened it up as I smiled to myself. My make up brush lightly dusted some more sparkly goodness onto my cheeks as I looked at myself in the mirror. "Wipe that cheeky smirk off of your face." He demanded as he grabbed a hold of my hips. His long curly hair was tied up into a bun and his arms were covered in a red flannel which he wore a lot, he had a sort of lumberjack look to him with his short beard and wild hair. He was the most handsome man I'd ever met and I felt so lucky to have him.

"I love you babe." I told him as I turned around to face him.

"I love you too." He smiled kissing my lips softly. My phone started buzzing and it lit up with a text message from Tessa. "Looks like you have to go." He sighed.

"I'll see you later." I smiled kissing him on the cheek before I walked out of the bathroom to get my bag. "I'll try and be home at one but I can't make any promises." I called out to him before heading out to the front door. Tessa was sitting in an uber with Gigi.

"Look at you!" Gigi gasped. "Didn't Dominic say anything about your little dress."

I just rolled my eyes as I jumped into the car. "He loves it more than he hates." I told them and the uber driver took off taking us to the first destination for the night. The Library. No not the actual library. It was nightclub, a very popular nightclub. But somehow Tessa's cousin Angelina got us and a few others in without any issues.

"Come on we have to dance." Angelina dragged us to the dance floor and most of us were already drunk. I tried to steady myself but when people hand you shots you just can't say no. The alcohol was starting to take over and all of the girls were having the time of their lives swinging their hips to the beat. It was a mixture of a sugar high from the cocktails and the alcohol that was taking control of our movements. I loved being out with my girls just celebrating life. It was what I lived for.

But seeing as it was a birthday party things got a little more out of hand than usual. "Tessa I've gotta get home." I groaned as she dragged me in with all the other girls into Angelinas place for one last drink.

"It's only - what- 2AM." She laughed and pulled me inside with her heels in her hands. After that everything faded out. I couldn't remember a thing that happened after we went to Angelina's place. All I remembered was waking up on a couch with a couple of the girls on the other couches as the sun came streaming into the house.

"Oh fuck." I groaned when I realised I stayed the night and I never said anything to Dominic. I sat up and looked around for my bag and my shoes. I searched threw my bag and found my phone. I had nine missed calls from Dominic. "Fuck." I groaned even louder as I immediately soaked his number. I waited for him to pick up the phone but it didn't take long at all.

"Marisol where the fuck have you been?" I could tell he was angry and he had every right to be.

"Dominic I'm so sorry things got out of hand ... I-"

"Yeah they sure as hell got out of hand!" I flinched at his loud voice feeling terrible about myself. "Where the hell are you I'll come and get you."

"I'll text you the address." After that he hung up and I shut my eyes tightly. He was so worried and I felt like shit for making him worry about me. I google

mapped where I was and texted Dominic the address. I walked outside and cursed when I saw the large gates. I managed to climbed over and waited until I saw Dominic's black Range Rover pull up. I hung my head low as I got into the car and Dominic didn't say a word. He just looked pissed as hell. We'd been together about a year and a half and it seemed this was either going to make or break or relationship.

I decided not to speak up and just kept my mouth shut until we got home. I flinched as Dominic slammed his door shut and stomped his way into the house. I slowly followed behind him and shut the front door after I walked in. I saw him throw the car keys in the bench and knot his fingers together on his head. "Dominic I-"

"Don't." He interrupted me before I could even begin to explain myself. "Just - just go have a shower." I could hear the disappointment in his voice but none the less I went up to our room and took a nice hot shower whilst I thought about what I could possibly say to him to make him not hate me.

I'd stayed out late before but I've never just not contacted him until eleven the next morning. It was a first. It was also going to be the last. I felt so angry with myself because me and Dominic had a great relationship. He let me go and party with my friends, he trusted me not to fool around with other guys whilst I was drunk. He asked me to move in with him into the most beautiful house that his parents built for him and his brother. It was modern and sleek, but it was a little further out of the city than what they would have liked so his parents got a house in town closer to the hospital where they worked. There was one time I'd mistaken Harry for Dominic but they were identical twins and I may have been slightly tipsy. The only difference between the brothers was that Harry had a lot of tattoos, though their hair styles were always the same because Dominic was a barber so he just did whatever he did to himself to Harry. Mostly because he didn't want to find out what he looked like with short hair, Harry did shave his beard quite often though where as Dominic took a little more pride in his taking extremely good care of it.

I got out of the shower and pulled on a fluffy robe. I also put on some slippers before walking down to the kitchen where Dominic was. "Did you want lunch- or breakfast in your case?" I could hear the sass in his voice as he said that and I just sighed.

"Just some water would be fine please." He went over to the fridge and poured me a cold glass of water before setting it in front of me. "Thank you."

I watched as he walked away from the fridge and passed me. "Are we not going to talk about this?" I asked with my big mouth.

He chuckled before turning around, "You wanna talk about it?" I gulped knowing it wasn't a good sign. "Fine let's talk about." He insisted as he started towards me. "Let's talk about how you went out drinking with all your little friends and failed to even send me a simple text that you weren't going to be gone until eleven o'clock because you were just too drunk to function!" I kept quiet as I just let him yell at me, I just took it all because I felt like I had deserved it. "I hate letting you go out but I know you love living your life so I let you! That does not mean you can abuse it however you like Marisol! How would you feel if I still smoked a pack a day huh? You'd rip my head off."

I felt the tears start to fall because I just couldn't help it. When you disappoint an important person in your life it just doesn't feel good. "Dominic... I can't tell you how sorry I am."

"Is that all you have to say for yourself?" He yelled and I stepped back slightly because his voice was so loud. "I was worried sick about you!" I didn't say anything back and suddenly he grabbed both my upper arms with his large hands. "Nothing? Sorry is all you have to say?" He asked with his booming voice.

I just cried more. "Dominic-"

"What what is it?" He asked anger clear in his face.

"Your- your hurting me." I told as I tried to wriggle out of his grasp. His face fell and his grip loosened as he rubbed my arms gently. This was the first sign.

"I'm sorry." He sighed heavily as he sat on the back of the couch.

"It's okay, I know I should've called or texted at least." I told him. "You have every right to be mad." I walked over to him and he pulled me into a hug, we stayed like that for a while. A long while actually. I just ran my fingers threw his hair just enjoying his presence.

We spent the rest of our Sunday just relaxing until the dreaded Monday morning. Dominic got up early to go to work, we didn't speak an awful lot. He owned a few barber shops and he liked to barber himself most of the time. It was a pretty successful actually. His business degree did him good.

I on the other hand was a photographer - just like Harry. That's how we met actually, a photography convention. I mostly did engagements and weddings but I also did baby's. They were always a lot of fun to dress up. I had my own studio in the house which I was really grateful for it made my life a lot easier.

By ten I was fully dressed and awaiting my customers. It was a young mum and her daughter Libra. I was truly astonished by some baby names but I thought Libra was actually quite nice for the little blonde baby.

"How old is she now?" I asked as I placed the sleeping baby into a blanket.

"She's 3 months now." Her mum smiled as I arranged the blanket around her and straightened out the beanie. "She's growing up so fast."

"She's lovely."

"Have any of your own?" She wondered.

"Oh no, I haven't really thought about that." I admitted frowning a little bit, I was twenty one and had never really considered the idea of actually having kids. It's not something me and Dominic had ever spoken about. It didn't even cross my mind.

I finished the photo shoot and gave Libra back to her mother bidding her goodbye at the door. I uploaded the photos onto my laptop and started editing, I had another client a little bit later who I did portrait shots for her modelling portfolio which was quite fun. After that I kept editing and waited for Dominic to come home.

"Hey how was your day?" I asked Dominic from the sofa as he placed his things on the kitchen bench. He didn't answer me and got a glass of water. I shrugged it off assuming he didn't have a great day. "Long day huh?" I asked hoping for a response, but still nothing. I frowned as I turned around to look at him. He sighed heavily with his hands over his face as he started walking out of the kitchen. I got up from my comfortable spot and followed him. Something wasn't right with him. "Hey what's wrong?" I asked softly placing my hands on his arms from behind.

"Don't touch me." I could hear the anger and frustration in his voice as he ripped from my grasp. He sighed as he saw my discouraged expression. "Sorry it's just, it was a long day."

"Yeah well there's no need to be taking it out on me." I told him crossing my arms over my chest.

"Oh so now I'm the one in the wrong?" He laughed dryly.

"Excuse me?" I asked extremely confused as to what was going on. "I thought we were over this?"

"Like I was going to forget about it that quickly." He snarled.

"I'm not asking you to forget it I'm just asking you to get over it!" I started to raise my voice as I poked my index finger at his chest. He was seriously stepping out of line, I knew I fucked up but I didn't want it to break up our relationship.

"Fuck you." He stated. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me a lot harder than I think he intended to. When I fell back into the floor I couldn't quite comprehend what happened. "Marisol-"

"Don't." It was my turn to cut him off. "Just don't." I told him with my voice cracking as I picked myself up off the floor and walked away from him the tears streaming down my face. I walked up the stairs and into our bedroom locking the door behind me. Not once had he ever put his hands on me like that. I didn't really know what to do in that situation. So instead I just didn't do anything - I laid down onto my bed and fell asleep.

A couple of weeks passed and we didn't really talk about it but after a few days things went back to normal. We even decided to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant. He ordered the nicest wine they had and we had a wonderful time. Laughing talking, everything was going great. Perfect in fact. When we got home I opened a bottle of bourbon and poured us both a glass. "Cheers, to us." I smiled drunkenly as we clinked glasses.

"To us." He rasped before taking a big gulp. We continued to drink and to dance until we decided to go up to the bedroom. By this point though I had drink a little too much to drink. "Baby." He whispered against my neck as ran his hands over my body.

"Babe Im too drunk." I slurred as He started peeling my dress off of my body. His hands felt so nice on my body I couldn't help but giggle. He pulled his shirt off exposing his toned abdomen and h looked so damn good. But I could barely keep my eyes open. "Not tonight." I insisted but he started to kiss my neck. "Dominic stop." He was clearly drunk because it was as if he couldn't hear me. "Dominic." I started to panic as I tried to push him off of me.

"Jesus Marisol." He sat up just straddling me as he gripped onto his hair.

"I'm sorry just not tonight okay." I told him as I looked up at him.

"We haven't had sex for over a week." He told me getting off of me and sitting on the edge of the bed. I sat up looking at his back realising that was in fact true, truth be told it had been a very long time since we hadn't had sex in that long. I placed my hand on his shoulder but he shrugged it off.

"I don't understand what I'm doing wrong." I told him as I sighed heavily.

"Just forget it." He insisted as he got up walking to the cupboard. I got up and tripped from my drunken state.

"No talk to me." It probably wasn't the best time to have a talk about something serious considering how out of it I was. I grabbed roughly onto his shoulders which I admit I shouldn't have done, but it gave him no right to do what happened next. All I remembered was his knuckles colliding with my eye socket before I hit the ground.


"Hey girl we are going to Dive tonight you going to join us?" Gigi wondered as I pressed my phone to my ear.

I crossed my arms over my chest biting my lip. "I actually have some plans with Dominic so I think I'm going to have to bail."

"He could always join us, Louis is coming as well."

"Uh I think he wanted to do something a little more intimate than clubbing." I told her. "You know dinner and some nice wine."

"Yeah I get it, you two are in love and all." I laughed nervously but she wasn't wrong. "Another time then."

"For sure." After that I hung up and pulled my sweater sleeves over my hands as I walked into the living room. He'd slept on the sofa that night. I watched as he sat their hunched over with puffy red eyes, he hated himself for laying a hand on me. We hadn't spoken all day and it was already two in the afternoon. I, for one, didn't know what to say. I woke up to see myself with a black eye. Luckily it wasn't too bad, just some purple bruising no real swelling.

I sighed softly as I walked away from the door frame and back up to the stairs. I didn't want to leave, I always said to myself if a man ever laid a hand on me I would leave and never look back. But I couldn't. I loved him, with every fibre of my being I love him and that scared the living hell out of me. If I couldn't leave, god knows how bad things would have to be before I would leave him. I didn't want to find out.

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