A Trip To The Farm

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  • Published: 19 Jun 2017
  • Updated: 20 Jun 2017
  • Status: Complete
A story of a young couple who 'experiment' out on a farm one day! It's hot, sexy and dirty!


2. Over The Fence

While peering cautiously over their brown long fence I decided to just 'jump' the fence. It was a little high, but, well what's the worst that could happen? I slowly climbed the fence placing my feet one by one on the thin wooden planks when, just as I was at the top I heard a loud *crack* below me and the whole fence crashed down taking me down with it! I generally thought I was going to die - but it was alright, my face went straight into something soft, it was warm as well and really thick! It felt like a warm pillow! I could just lay there for years, well ,that was until the smell hit me - it was revolting!

After I took a minute to compose myself, I pushed myself up slowly from the ground and I realised what it was. I'd fallen into a huge pile of horse shit! The pile was huge! At least 5 inches thick too! It was everywhere: my mouth, nose, ears and my hair! As I screamed out in disgust, Tom quickly hoped over the collapsed fence in order to help me up, he took one look at the sight of my covered in  horse shit before he fell to the ground laughing (not in any shit luckily for him!)



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