(A dream I had).


1. 001

Alhireth-Hotep was with me,
Lightning-bolts we did see.
Four in a row in lower air,
We were hidden well.

A lightning-bolt struck a man on the street,
"someone call 911, this man dies!"
I was afraid and wanted to move,
Up the hill the lightning-bolts struck once more.
It was not one; but four blue bolts,
Striking people when they got the chance.

I wanted to run to the town-square,
But Alhireth-Hotep stopped me.
Just like that, another got struck,
Luckily he halted me,
Else death would have come for me!

At some point the lightning moved away,
The survivors run to the building to stay.
I and Alhireth-Hotep followed them inside,
We felt so good, we did survive,
But only this time, for it will return...

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