Lily Batly

Lily is a witch but her parents are haters of magical being and when Lily's sister, who hates Lily, finds out, Lily find no solution but to run away not knowing what would happen when Lily's sister, Mary, tells her family...


1. The troubled witch

Lily is a young secretive girl because she's a witch and her parents are people who hate magical things. Lily has a horrible sister who loves to make people a little sad and she's normally even mo0re cruel to small creatures, she: steps on  snails, pokes wings of moths and butterflies, leads animals to plats that eat small creatures and she loves hitting everyone and everything except from things she loves. Lily's sister, who is called Siena, hates Lily and Siena's greatest wish is if Lily was taken away from Siena's family but Lily has no friends to help comfort her.

Unfortunately, one day when Siena hit a butterfly and made it so it was in pain and it's wing was destroyed so it couldn't fly away, Lily went to it, touched the poor, full of pain creature and it's wing grow back instantly and the pain went away  in a matter of seconds. The problem was Siena was watching this and she came up with a great idea.

'Helllo younger sister that I love so much,' she said sarcastically, 'I saw you help that stupid little thing​ and I was wondering what would happen if I tell mum and dad that yooou are magic​.'

Lily turned around to see her sister grinning at her and she didn't know what to say so she said the first thing she thought of.

'I'll run away,' Lily said not thinking.

'Try but you're too stupid and fat, so you wouldn't be able to walk far you stupid, ugly, good for noth_'

There was a pause when Siena howled, then yelled, Lilys took this as a sign to run to her room and start to get packing to run away...




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