Long Distance

*Ping- you have received a message from Dylan.

A new social media platform emerges and so does past crushes

Amazing Cover done by Lily Anna


3. Chapter 2

"Finally, where's my ice cream" Jackson attempted to say but it came out in more of a jumble of sounds, considering his mouth was stuffed like a chipmunk. Crumbs from the cookies he had just devoured scattered the floor leading back to the couch. Gosh he was a couch potato.

"Sorry I didn't get any, but you should be full considering you found my cookie stash from last winter" I replied giving him a glare. How he managed to find my stash was beyond me, I had placed them in the lowest shelf inside a old crackers box. A box that had been untouched for the past three years, but yet somehow he found it. 

He raised his hands in surrender "You should of hid them better, sorry sis" He joked before heading back to the couch. "Oh and I forgot to mention, Mom wants you to download this new app on her phone its called Penn Pall or something"

I nodded my head in response even though he couldn't see me. Penn Pall that doesn't sound familiar, that's odd. I picked up my Mother's Silver cased iPhone and typed in her pin code, one, two, three. Literally the easiest code to crack, yet my Mother insists its reverse sociology.

I open up the app store and type Penn Pall into the search browser, in return a small app pops up. At a first glace it could be compared to the Gmail logo.- ​Penn Pall the newest way to keep in touch with friends across the country -

Well that sounds basic, just another knock off of skype or a simple messaging app. "I downloaded it" I shouted to Jackson

"Okay thanks" He replied

I back pocket buzzed, I slid out my phone to check. ​- you have been invited to join Penn Pall join new by clicking on this link-

"Jackson I think my just had me download a virus or something" Or at least this app had access to her contacts, that could be considering invading in my book.

 I heard his heavy footsteps trailing into the kitchen "here let me see it" I handed him the phone and he laughed upon receiving it. "Mir this isn't a virus, its just what the app does, haven't you heard about it yet?" He asked with a twinkle of mischief in his silver colored eyes.

I shook my head no and my nose crinkled with confusion. I know I was away for half of the year, but I wasn't living under a rock. Was this app a new trend or something...

"It basically examines all of your files on your phone and contacts any people on it, so you can get in touch with them again" He explained with wide hand gestures. "Here let me show you" He grabbed my phone off of the counter and started typing.

"Hey, Jackson stop" I tried grabbing my phone but pulled away. "ugh I hate you" I grumbled slumping back onto the stool.

"Here you go, and you're welcome" He smiled cheekily handing me back my phone

I huffed unlocking my phone to inspect the damage. Nothing to bad seems to have......

*Ding- Dylan Travis has just added you on Penn Pall

"Oh gosh"




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