Long Distance

*Ping- you have received a message from Dylan.

A new social media platform emerges and so does past crushes

Amazing Cover done by Lily Anna


2. Chapter 1



I rested my head on the stiff pillow attempting to close my eyes, the hum of the train gliding against the rails seemed only to hold sleep against me. Only two more hours till I reached New York city, and the from there about a twenty minutes walk till I got back to the apartments. If I was feelings a bit bold I could attempt to catch a taxi, even with all my years of being a native to the city that never sleeps, that was one thing I had never mastered.

I wiggled my fingers, trying to ease the strain. I should of spent the extra buck on the bag with cushioned handles, if only if I had known that months ago. If there wasn't so much hassle bringing all of luggage home after every semester, college would be much more enjoyable. But then again was it even righteous to use both college and enjoyable in a sentence together.

I shut my eyes once again, any sort of sleep would be welcomed. If not Jackson may consider my mood tomorrow close to Aunt Mildred's when she gets the wrong order at McDonalds. Lets just say that's not a scene you want to go down when you're buying your lunch, it's crazy with a capital C. A taunting buzz vibrates against my leg, so much for sleep.

I bend over and dig through my purse until I find devil, noise making, sleep preventing, machine, otherwise known as my iPhone. I eyes roll instantly when I see who the text is from.

Jackson- Buy me ice cream

​How considerate of him, I'm not even home yet and he's thinking of me.

Mira- Buy it yourself, a mini market is only a block away

​Jackson- but that's tooooo farrrr!!!!

Mira- I'm turning my phone on mute

I groaned in annoyance, he was three years older but still could pass as my younger sibling. Another buzz sounded, altering me of another notification. I got ready to type back another overly annoyed response, but this time instead it wasn't a message.

-Phone storage is running on low-

​I rolled my eyes, of course it was. I should honestly invest my money in a phone that I could buy a SD card for, or at least had some storage. Lets see what I could clear up on this. My fingers instantly landed on the photos icon, I could easily get rid of some old pictures that are most liking too embarrassing to keep. I scrolled to the very bottom marked 2010, the year I got my first phone. I deleted the selfies of Jackson easily, he must of stolen my phone that day there could easily be thirty pictures of him making the same face.

Lets see what else there is, my fingers stopped and my eyes locked with the picture. I clicked on it to zoom closer, the familiar deep brown eyes starred back at me, glossy blonde hair catching the evening light and the charming smile I used to love. I thought I had deleted all of these pictures, I thought.

My mind drifted to him, Dylan. My brother' best friend, my family's neighbor, my first crush, who moved so suddenly and crushed all of our hearts without a goodbye. My finger hovered over delete, but I couldn't seem to do it, it seemed to cruel. Even if I didn't want to remember him he was still an important part of my past, a person who I practically grew up with.

I shifted my finger to the power button instead shutting down my phone, hoping that the unwanted whiplash of memories would follow. If only they would disappear, just as he had all those years ago.

I turned my gaze to the window, the blur of passing trees turned into darkness as my tiredness finally overtook me.



First chapter done!!!!! tell my what you think, sorry for any errors


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