Bad boy

You meet Justin Bieber your celebrity crush but he isn't they guy you though he would be
Do you fall for him or does is bad attitude put you off
Keep reading to find out


1. Mums new "BOSS"

Mum has got a new job as a stage manager for some big time celebrate, but she won't tell me who it's. So she is dragging me away for a couple of months to go on tour with them, I mean don't get me wrong I am 21 and old enough to stay home by my self but mum still doesn't trust me because of what happened last time. Last time she went away I threw a massive party and the house kind of burnt down 😧.

Right now we are on the plane so I put my headphones on and play my Justin Bieber playlist because he is super hot and talented and my celeb crush for sure. I must of fallen asleep because mum is waking me up, she is tickling me, I hate being tickled "knock it off mum wtf you know I hate being tickled" I rudely say to her " well next time I will let you stay on the plane then" she replies obviously annoyed.

We are going to be living on a tour bus for a couple of months but for our first night mum booked me a room at a hotel across the road from the venue so I can get one last good night sleep in a bed before I hit the road. I get to my room I have an our before I have to meet mum at the back door. I have a shower put on my black ripped skinny jeans, Justin Bieber tank top, purple vans after that I straighten my hair and put my flat cap on backwards I finish off by putting a little bit of makeup on grab my headphones and phone and walk to the venue.

Mum is there and she drags me through the door showing the 3 big security guards our pass and walk in . They watch me till the door closes, as soon as it does I let out a sigh of relief and look up to see the most amazing stage in front of me. I am mesmerised. Mum takes me to a room and says "stay here till I come and get you, which will be when the show starts". She shuts the door and leaves, I hear laughing and turn around "what's so funny" I say turning around to see the hottest guy ever. OMG it's Justin Bieber. Ok stay calm and act cool u say to my self, he replies to my question with "Nothing, just wondering why a pretty girl is letting my stupid ass stage manager talk to her like that" I give him an evil glare. "Well your stupid ass stage manager just happens to be this pretty girls mother you asshole" he looks at me In disbelief. "So your the girl that's coming on tour with me" he says whilst backing me into a corner."Well we are going to have heaps of fun" he says with a stupid but sexy smile. He leans down to kiss me but I slap him in the face and he backs up. "Wtf was that for you bitch". He says angrily, I laugh " well that's what happens when you insult someone's mother then try to kiss them I say. He smiles and says "I like them feisty, we really are gonna have fun". I roll my eyes and he says "btw you know that it is just me and you sharing a bus right" I look at him in a way that says and if you try something I'll brake one of ya bones. He laughs and then mum says come on Justin your on. I tell her I'm gonna wait here for the show to end.

3 hours later

I'm just sitting in the room waiting for the show to end when Justin comes in (the show must of ended) sweating and says "you can get out now" I look at him " rude much, I ain't going anywhere and you can't make me " I say with as much attitude as possible. He walks up to me and says "if you don't leave I will get changed in front of you, then I might get carried away and take yours off to" I look at him. I ain't leaving I think to myself. I turn around and he laughs and I hear him getting changed. A couple minutes later I feel muscular hands around my waist and someone's breath on my neck, kissing it, I know it is gonna leave marks but it feels so good so I move my head to give him more access. I think to myself this is gonna be fun, I will mess around with him a little so that he gets so turned on the I'll leave him. Hahahah I'm evil. He is kissing my neck still he finds my sweet spot and I let out a moan, he turns me around and kisses my lips. I feel his tongue lick my lip asking for entry and I give it to him, our tongues fight for dominance, him winning. I rub up against his now hard dick making him moan. I laugh and push away he looks at me confused and says "what are you doing" "you don't even know my name Justin I ain't gonna just sleep with you " I laugh "well what is it then" "my name is Y/N, bye Justin" he looks at me with a worried look "you can't just leave me like this it's embarrassing " he says looking down at his crutch. It really is super bad and embarrassing I think to myself but this will teach him not to mess with me " yea your right, but I am leaving you so have fun dealing with that " I laugh shutting the door as I leave.

I get back to my room shower and put my pj's on and message mum telling her I am going to sleep and that I love her. She reminds my which bus to get on at 5 tomorrow morning and to message her to let her know I'm on it.

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