Bad boy

You meet Justin Bieber your celebrity crush but he isn't they guy you though he would be
Do you fall for him or does is bad attitude put you off
Keep reading to find out


2. Alone with Justin

My alarm is going off, I groan and get out of bed grab my towel and take a shower. After my shower I dress in my short USA shorts and a black top on I finish my outfit of with my black high top converse. After getting ready I pack and head off to the bus. As I get in a girl wearing really slutty clothes is leaving the bus I am entering, she is a mess. Lipstick smudge and messy hair, it's obvious her and Justin just had sex. As I enter the bus he is putting his shirt on, but I catch a glance at his perfect abs and of course he catches me looking " like what you see" he smiles " of course I'm only human but I still wouldn't touch you not even with a six foot pole" he crosses his arms and smiles " really, and why is that babe" " because I'm not interested in becoming another one of your groupies dumbass" i sasses back. I unpack my stuff and sit on the couch. I decide to watch my favourite movie the notebook, Justin sits down next to me (a little close in my opinion) he stretches his arm around my shoulders and watches the movie. As the movie ends I see him looking at me, I stare right back " your different ya know, you ain't like most girls" he whispers In my ear. "What's that meant to mean" I say angrily. " Noting bad, just that your confident and I like that" he says nibbling at my ear. It feels so good but I have to stop it I can't let him get to me."I am serious Justin I ain't into being anyone's slut" "who says I would fuck you, your a ugly pig Y/N" he replies "Fuck you, you dumb fucking cunt, if ever talk to me again I will brake your neck, got it". He looks at me and doesn't reply. Good thing he didn't i HATE him SO much. He doesn't talk to me for the rest of the day and night. I cry myself to sleep again, I know he can't hear me ( thank god) I have become an expert at keeping my tears quiet. I just wanna go home and never see this jerk ever again. I fall into a deep sleep.

It's 3am and I have woken up, Justin is asleep so I decide to watch a movie. I got up and sat on the couch I put batman on. I was about 20 minutes into the movie when someone sat next to me "yay Justin's up" I think to my self. He looks at me angry, "why are you watching a movie at 3AM YOU WOKE ME UP" he yells at me I stand up turn off the tv, he stands up and I punch him in the nose. His nose is now bleeding everywhere "why the fuck did you hit me ?" He asks angry, I reply with "I told you not to speak to me and thennnn ya spoke to me just be happy I didn't brake ya neck ok" he looks at me impressed. "Damn your hot when your mad" says Justin "so I don't look like an ugly pig when I'm mad" I look confused "gee thanx " he just laughs at me. I didn't mean what I said before I was just mad" he walks closer to me "whatever Justin I'm going to bed" "ok I'll join you" he smirks by now he has backed me into a corner. I look up at him and as I do he connects his lips to mine, I can't resist this time I kiss him back and soon we are making out. He lifts me up as I rap my legs around him, I am pinned to the wall and we are grinning up against each other. I bite his lips and he moans I pull at his hair and he squeezes my ass which makes my moan, I pull his shirt off and he was about to do the same to me when my phone rings.

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