Black dress, big eyes and a tragic story to tell..Katherine


1. chapter 1

I got out of the club while untying my tie, I was all sweaty and my suit was stuck to my skin , I can feel the heat in my heart and the wetness on the back of my neck , my eyes we're shutting and opening in a slow motion and I was swaying to the sides during my walk to my car,I finally opened the car's door and was getting in when a red headed lady got through the passenger door in a rush, her make up was smudged all over her face , her hair was a mess and her tears were dripping down her black dress.

"Excuse me ma'am can u please get out of my car?"

She looked at me with her sparkling big eyes that were full of tears and said

"Just take me home please"

I was confused at the moment, I would never do anything for anyone, I never cared about anyone, and I definitely won't now

"Get the hell out of my car"

"Please I beg you , I would do anything just get me out of this place please I'll pay you I'll do anything"

"Do u think a guy with a car like this needs money?" I said she just shrugged, dammit I can't leave her here now , that's why I barley drink in clubs , because a drunk me cares a little.

I got into my car and start driving, aware of my drunk state and aware that a red headed is seated next to me and if I get pulled off I'm in deep shit .

" so where do you live miss?" I asked expecting to hear a name of a street but no response

"Miss...?" Still no response

So I pulled up the car and shook her shoulder hoping she'll wake up and she did , and at that moment I wish she didn't, she started screaming uncomfortably , she held her hair on both sides and started pacing back and forth and saying no and stop.

My eyes were wide and I didn't know what to do, what happened to this little thing, I took her face in my hands and started telling her to calm down , I focused on her face and I realized how young she looks , she's not even legally allowed in clubs what was she doing and what happened to her , I was so curious .

She removed my hands from her face and she was finally calm

"Don't take me home , I can't go there like this" she said

"Where should I take you then?" i asked

"Take me anywhere you're going I'll leave first thing tomorrow" she said and I don't know what I was thinking at that moment but I did , I took her to my place .

I knocked the door and Aubrey my maid opened and I can see the confusion on her face , I never in my life brought a girl over , not since I dumped Emily .

"It's not what you're thinking Aubrey so relax and just prepare the guest room for her okay?" I said and she just nodded , we went and sat in the kitchen and I starter questioning her

"Whats your name little thing?"

"Katherine" she said

"How old are you?"

She bit her lip and looked down

"I'm 17"

"Why was a 17 year old was in a bar?"

"I wasn't in the bar , I couldn't get in"

"Then why do u look like such a mess?" I asked curious while pouring down 2 cups of coffee and handing her one

"It's none of your business" she said angrily and I was thrown back like what the hell

"Okay u can chill"

"...sorry" she said softly "I..I need to sleep" she said so I led her to the guest room

Then I went to sleep myself..

I woke up to someone banging on the door I got out of my room and went to open the door quickly , what the hell is happening at this time of the night

"Where is Katherine you bastard , why is she here?"

I saw a red headed guy with big eyes as well , I assumed it's her brother and dammit he's a cop

"She's in the guest room" I barley finished my sentence before he stormed in and started looking for her

"KATHERINE" I heard him yell , I followed him to the guest room to see Katherine has woken up

"Get your ass here we're going home and you have some very big explanation to do missy"

Her big eyes were even bigger and I knew she was frightened inside , she quickly got out of the bed and left with her brother, and I was standing in my house confused as hell , to what the actual fuck happened.

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