There's this girl named Emma who finds herself at a therapy school for people who are crazy. And when she is the new girl she might also find secrets and a boy that she loves. There's a monster who wants to kill Emma, but when her love of her life can't stand to be away from her he helps her out by taking her to a special place.

Will he be able to save the love of his life or are things going to get physical


1. The crazy school

Are we there yet said Josh. No we are not there yet said mum. I am so bored.

We are almost there just relaxed son said dad. 'Fine' said Josh.

When he was looking at me I was listening to music when Josh did this, hey sis whatcha listening to.

I said non of your business. 'Whatever' said Josh. Then he hit me as I put back on my earphones.

'Mum' I said Josh won't stop hitting me. Josh said mum hands off your sister. 'Fine' said Josh. I was just trying to have fun.

'Yeah' to annoy me I said. I will admit that said Josh. That's when we were outside of the gates. Where here said mum. Finally said Josh it felt like forever.

Time to drop of the crazy one and get out of here Josh said also. 'Mum' I said Josh is making fun of me because I'm weird.

That's one way of putting it said Josh.' Josh' we love her and so should you be polite and say goodbye to her said mum.

GOODBYE weird sister said Josh. Dad came out with my suitcase after Josh said goodbye.

Goodbye my darling said mum. ''Mum'' I said seriously I am not a little kid anymore. But you are crazy and weird said Josh as he jumped out of the car.

Leave your poor sister alone said dad.'' Can't a brother have fun with his crazy sister''.

Depends on your definition of fun said dad. Now say goodbye again Josh and get back into the car.

'Fine' said Josh. Goodbye crazy sister. Get in the car now son said dad getting a little angry.

That's when my mum and dad gave me hugs and goodbyes. When mum hugged me she said happy birthday and gave me a small present and left starting to tear up.

They went back into the car and started to drive away. After a few seconds you can only see a tiny little car as they went up the hills.

I turned around to the front door and went inside. When I entered the door I saw a desk. I went up the to the desk and saw a bell I started to ring the bell.

DING, DING, DING it was a least half a minute before I saw a person coming towards me. The unknown person looked at me and said you must be the new girl.

'I finally said yes I am' because as he was talking I wasn't listening because a handsome boy came my way.

He wasn't alone he had at least had 3 people touching him as if he was a criminal. As he walked past me he looked into my eyes and smiled and turned towards the unknown person and left to go into the room.

I couldn't keep myself from looking at him. The unknown person said you don't want to be around him miss.

Then he said for me to walk over to the tray where he will scan me for any metal staff. As he was doing the scan I was looking over to the room where the boy went in and stared at the unknown person he eventually stared back at me.

The unknown person said you need to give me your phone and this box and drop this into the tray. I said I need my phone he said you get 1 hour a day. I said that is crazy and put it into the tray.

The unknown person said and the box too. I said it is a present from my family. The unknown person said it is metal and said it again for me too put it in the box.

I finally did what was asked of me, but as I put it in the box I wondered what my birthday present was.

The unknown person said to a girl as she was walking by. Would you show her to her room.

The girl said of course and introduced herself. 'My name is Hazel'. ' My name is Emma I said'.

Hazel said what section are you in. I said that one. Hazel said are you crazy.

''I said yes''. Hazel said that's cool. We were outside of my bedroom and said goodbye for now.

I went inside and saw another girl. The girl said you must be my new roommate. I said yes. The girl introduced herself. 'My name is Amy what is yours'. '' My name is Emma''. 

It was almost 10:00 when I have finished unpacking and getting the books I need for tomorrow.

Amy was watching a movie and looked like she was falling asleep when I saw her I started to yawn and went to bed. 

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