Promise in the Flame

When 27 year old Bruce gets an instant message from his high school flame that he has not spoken to in 11 years , things start to really get interesting in the small Pennsylvania town. Things from both of their past come out and the whole town is talking. Will high school love overcome or is the past best to keep in the past?


2. Ring any Bells

  He replied to her simple "Hello" with a "Whats up?"

Mia: Nothing much, back in town wanted to see you and catch up.

Bruce: Wow, its been eleven years ; I would love to catch up.

Mia: Cool, lets go out for coffee tomorrow. Meet you at the Coffee Mug at 7:00 a.m.

Bruce: See you then!

  As the conversation came to an end, all he could think was here we go again. Mia still had the same bossy tone in her messages. Mia Davis was always his perfect storm. She was not wine but whisky, she was not a rain shower but a violent thunderstorm, and she could never be calm and collect but could be demanding and harsh and all these qualities is why he loved her so much.  Out of any girl he dated, Mia was the one who stood out, the one he could not get out of his head, and the thing that kept him for ever getting serious with anyone.

  Every time he would start to develop feelings for another woman some sill memory would pop in his head about Mia. It could be something so minute like the way she would never let him end a phone call without saying I love you. If he forgot she would just pick up the phone and dial him right back and say ,in that cute little voice of hers"  "Uh, I'm waiting...." Mia loved to talk . She could talk about anything from the weather to politics and make you interested in what ever it is she had to say. It could also be a memory that would bring tears to a grown man's eyes, like the time her grandfather passed away and she had clung to him all night long begging him to never leave her. Se was convinced that people always left and that you could never depend on anyone other than yourself. Her mother decided that fame and fortune meant more to her than being a mother.

  One gloomy Friday night , when Mia was in 9th grade , Fiona received a phone call from a talent agent saying he had looked over her files and would be delighted if she would move to California and start a movie project ASAP. Mia remembered sitting up all night listening to the last fight she would ever have the privilege of hearing her parents in a disagreement. Her parents called her down stairs at day break to make known that her mother would be leaving to head to California for at least six months to work on movie. There was something about the look in her daddy's eyes that told her Fiona would never return. Mia always knew being an actress was her mom's dream. She just didn't think at her age the dream would ever come true , and if it happened to her mother would never pick fame over her family. She was wrong.


  Mia and Bruce have known each other since preschool at the local Red Bird Church. All the teachers would joke that they would be attending the wedding of Bruce and Mia one day because of they way they would argue and flirt. In school year after year they ended up in the same teachers classroom. The same comments and whispers were made that those two would end up married one day. The same flirting and getting under each others nerves lasted until the sixth grade when one of Mia's friends decided to throw a party.


  The party started off just as you would expect any sixth grade party. The boys stood awkwardly on the wall while all the girls joined in on one of those horrid organized dances of 90's. Bruce remembers the last song playing before the moment they became anything to each other besides brother and sister. Robert had suggested the silly game of spin the bottle. All the girls blushed and the boys shouted "Yuck!" Before it was over, Robert got his way and everyone was in a huge circle ready to play spin the bottle. Bruce remembers Mia offering to go first . She always had to prove she was the brave one. The bottled started spinning and Bruce swears his whole vision transformed in to slow motion as the bottle landed straight at him. That was their first kiss and it for sure would not be their last.

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