Promise in the Flame

When 27 year old Bruce gets an instant message from his high school flame that he has not spoken to in 11 years , things start to really get interesting in the small Pennsylvania town. Things from both of their past come out and the whole town is talking. Will high school love overcome or is the past best to keep in the past?


1. Courage

   Bruce Casey stared at the screen trying to decide if he should reply to the pretty blonde girl that just popped up in his messenger. He knew just got out of a really long and tiring relationship with the stripper from the local strip club , Riley Copeland.

  Everyone in town knew Riley. She was a curvy, red head with crystal blue eyes. she was at one time, a very respectable girl until her home life took a turn for the worse. Her father ran off and left her mother with nothing a house payment, daughter and no job.

  Riley at the young age of eighteen did what she thought she should and picked up a job. Unfortunately, in Red Bird, Pennsylvania the only place hiring was The Stallion, the local strip joint.

  It had taken Bruce five months to end things because he felt horrible for leaving her. He did not want to be like her father. Although in reality the case would be much different . The were never married or had children together. He knew that in this small little town word would travel fast and he would end up looking like the bad guy.

  Bruce decided to open up the message. To his surprise, it was his old high school flame, Mia Davis. Lord, he had not seen or heard from Mia since their big falling over her drug problem. He had to count up the years and to his surprise it had been eleven years since they had spoken. Bruce had loved Mia with all his heart and soul, but could not sit and watch her throw her life away to drugs.

  Suddenly he was back to that night eleven years ago . The night that ended up being the worst night of his life. the night he received the call that his best friend, Robert had been killed by a drunk driver. It was then he knew that he had to break all contact with Mia, no matter how bad it was going to hurt!

  What in the world could Mia Davis want ?

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