Bitter Love

After a bad deed, Anastasia is now owned by Mr.Colins. With his bitter love


9. C h a p t e r 8

"Where's the outfit?" I say confused.

"I want to go by myself" she smiles.

"Why is that?"

"Well I need to try on the clothes and I don't want you to see me."

"I already saw you naked Anastasia, no denying that" I smirked looking her up and down.

"Please" she begs.

"Fine, go on. I'll wait for you"

She stood their awkwardly, she needed money.

"Bye" she smiled.


Anastasia POV


I needed to find a job. Then run away, and that was my plan. As I left, I wanted to say goodbye. But I know he would give me a punishment. As I left his large building, I missed him. Even though he caused me much pain. The body guards brought me to Victoria Secret. I gave them a glare, which they waited outside. They started talking to one another until I decided to run. I ran to the nearest store. Micheal Kors.

I applied for the job, with them offering an interview. The next day.


Vladimir Collin


I decided to call one of my body guards for Anastasia.

"Hello Boss"

"I want to speak with Anastasia"

"Yes sir, but we are waiting for her outside of Victoria Secret"

"Find her" I yelled.

"Yes sir"

As I waited, no wonder she didn't want me to come with. She went bra shopping to surprise me. Does she really think I'm that dumb. Once she comes home, oh will she get a beating.

"Hello Mr.Collins" a smooth sweat voice rang.

"Anastasia it's time to come home"

"But, I didn't pick anything out yet" she whined.

"Tomorrow your going with me"

"Alright, bye Vladimir"


And she hung up the phone.

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