Bitter Love

After a bad deed, Anastasia is now owned by Mr.Colins. With his bitter love


5. C h a p t e r 5

The thought of death didn't scare me. I was so full of pain and hurt that I was some how peaceful. I thought I was falling but he caught me. He threw me over his shoulder and threw me on his bed. My back started bleeding. He flipped me over.

"Stay still" he said calmly.

I could feel how he was stitching my back. He then got some underwear and gently slips it on me. Then my bra as well. Clipping it together in the back. He then puts on his black jacket for his suit.

Then he puts me in a dark red dress that exposed my back.

"Where are we going?" I pleaded.

"To the Galla" he replied sharply.

"But my hair and back?" I spoke softly.

"I'll go get my maid. You will stay in that dress ." He snapped.

He went into the bathroom, taking a shower and getting ready for the gala. While his maid did my hair and make up. She changed my dress. With a deep slit at my legs, cleavage and back. Along with some black Louise red heels.

As he opened the door, I was putting red lipstick. I flushed my eyelashes.

"You ready to go darling?" I smirked.

He looked up, again fencing his jaw. His hand scratching his neck. He came closer. He tied his shoe, then as he was getting up he touched my thigh to my neck. I took a sharp inhale.

"We shall go my Anastasia." He smirked.

I almost fainted. He gently took my hand. I was wearing heels yet he was still taller than me.

He whispered" be a good girl tonight Anastasia"

I smirked. "It's hard to do when I want to be naughty" his jaw clenched. He knew what was going on so I played him. But he was always one step ahead.


"Mr.d'antione how have you been?" Vladimir interrupted the talk of two men.

"Oh! Mr.Colin what a pleasure to see you! Oh I see you brought a lovely women." The man answered back to Vladimir.

"Yes she is stunning. Mind if you watch her while I'll be right back?" Vladimir asked.

What the hell? Watch me? I'm 20 years old!!

"Yes indeed!" He replied licking his lips.

As Vladimir walked away I stood alone with an old man.

"May I have this dance?" D'antiono asked.

"You may" I replied sweetly.

As I shifted my hands on his shoulder and hand. He guided me across the ballroom. With many people watching. Men staring. He twirled me, touching my back. I bent my back as my leg went up his thigh. My dress sliding with me as I danced. I then saw Vladimir gazing at me. "Your a lovely dancer miss" antiono nervously spoke

"Thank you" I kindly said.

I walked over to the drinks section. I stood waiting for my drink. Then a hand touched my back then to my thigh. I turned seeing Vladimir pleased with my presence.

"That was quite a preference." He smirked.

"Only for the best" I smiled

"Then I should get a better dance" he moaned.

I laughed, grabbing his collar to the dance floor. "I hope you can move." I begged

He whispered " I hope you can keep up."

With that he flipped my neck arched by his hand with my back. Trailing his finger from my cleavage to my jaw. I dug my nails into his suit. My leg went from the floor to his leg gliding with my heel. He then twirled my as my dress spun with fury. He stopped me then arched my back to the floor as my hair spun back. Then he bit my neck, causing a mark of him. I then wrapped a leg around his waist and bit his lower lip. Causing a moan.

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