Bitter Love

After a bad deed, Anastasia is now owned by Mr.Colins. With his bitter love


4. C h a p t e r 4

"Miss. Willow "a soft voice called

I flatters my eyes as I wanted to stand up.

My back ached.

"What am I---" I hesitated.

"You finally woke up, from you lashes." A familiar sound spoke.

I looked seeing Mr.Colin's and started freaking out. I started crying and having small heart attacks.

"Mr.Colins you scared her." The maid said.

"Leave." He commanded

"But" she yelled

"Leave" he barked

She ran out, leaving him and me alone.

My tears got the hold of me.

I closed my eyes.

"What do you want Mr.Colins?" I whimpered.

"Anastasia, come on, stand up. It's been four weeks since your slashing." He commanded. Coming closer opening his hand out for me. I turned around on the bed. On my stomach.

"Anastasia you need to obey me" he challenged. He uncovered the blanket and my back was now exposed to him. His touch stung. I moaned. He trailed his down the the collar of my back. Feeling my body shake of his touch. I was naked in his bed.

"Why am I in your room" I added

" You needed the best room in the building."

"Why? Did you regret hitting a girl? Oh I almost forgot you fucking slashed a girl ." I yelled. I got up. Ripping some of the stickers.

I grabbed the blanket to cover my body.

"Anastasia you have no right to talk to me like that!" He yelled. I walked away onto his balcony.

The wind opened the back of my blacker showing my butt and my back as I leaned to the fence. He came from behind me. His hand gently pulling me closer at the waist. The wind soon blew. He turned me around. And made me sat on the fence from death. His hand being my wall from falling off.

" I'm not going to apologize Anastasia. I could care less if you fell from right here. But do know that your the most strongest women I know of." I spoke smoothly

"Then let me die, then you can find another girl to replace me." I murmured. As those words left my mouth he let go.

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