Bitter Love

After a bad deed, Anastasia is now owned by Mr.Colins. With his bitter love


3. C h a p t e r 3

I slipped as I heard the knock of a door.

I moaned as my head hit the marbled floor.

I turned the water off, looking for a towel to cover my wet body.

"Who's there?" I spoke softly.

"Anastasia may I come in?" I knew that was him. Vladimir Colin waiting besides the door. There was a wall between us.

"Mr.Colin, I need a towel. " I pleaded. Standing nervously of how naked I was.

"Anastasia there should be one hanging." He spoke.

I looked around, searching for something to cover up. I took a look and saw a white dress shirt. I quickly ran to get it. Holding my boobs for support. I put it on making sure to stand the opposite side from the mirror. As I turned around I saw Mr.Colins gazing at my body image. His jaw tightened.

"Anastasia your meeting for revenge of blood will be in a couple hours. I brought your meal." He told naturally.

"I see, I have questions Mr.Colins." I begged. He nodded in reply.

"Where am I?"

"Rome, Colin's Business Building."

I wided my eyes. Colin's is the the richest

building in Europe. I knew that for sure. I wanted to work here.

"Are you....." I questioned.

"Vladimir Colin? Yes Anastasia. I'm a mafia leader. I get what I want, I get it when I want it and how I want it. You disowned my name, for you killing a man. You now have consistencies. Which includes scars. I have something called Bitter Love. I could care less if your innocent." He grew his eyes with anger.

As he walked closer to me, he stood boldly. Understanding his power and my defenseless. I was still facing away from the mirror.

"Face me" he ordered.

I obeyed, I took a quick glance see how my shirt turned almost clear of my skin. Due to my wet skin. My boobs were showing. I never noticed how short it was. The bottom of my butt was showing. I have large hips. I covered my boobs with my crossing my arms. The shirt reached further up my hips. I felt so naked in front of him.

"Anastasia look at me." Again he orders.

I look into his dark green eyes. Smelling his cologne. Feeling his breath on my wet neck. I never felt such tension.

" are you afraid of me?" He observed my eyes.

"No" I lied.

He grew a smirk. He roughly grabbed the collar of my shirt. Actually his. He jammed me into the wall. His hand roughly held my hair into his grip.

"Please ...... d-don't" I begged.

His grip held stronger. My tears fell as I whined for his approval to end his actions.

I heart raced, the pain.

"Stop" I whined.

His hands grew less painfully. With his hands he grabbed my shoulders and slammed me again to the wall. Harder. His jaw clenched again. He bit me on my neck. Taking a breath on my neck. My tears were still running.

He took a last look at me, letting go of me.

" we will meet again, in an hour." He insisted. He walked away from me.

"Why?" I snapped. Regretting my action.

He stoped, not turning around. Then left. I took a look in the mirror. I looked, my neck red. My hair snarled and my face dried, yet from the tears he set me to.


I didn't even want to eat the food. I sat there, dreaded from what happened.

So I soon fell into a deep sleep. I woke up startled at the men that came to my door.

I stood up, both men grabbed harshly at my elbows, putting them in a angle that was no long controlled my me. They walked very fast. As soon as we walked into a large meeting room. Were Vladimir was there standing. In front of men and women. My hair still wet, dripping the now cold water down his shirt. I looked as Vladimir nodded. In seconds the men, ripped off my shirt exposing my body to everyone. I quickly got a hold of myself and grabbed his ripped shirt to cover myself. A women brought me a bra and panties. I quickly put them on. As the men waited the held my wrist and tied them with zip lock. Along with my feet. I took a look as Vladimir while he was taking of his black jacket. Then Rowling up is sleeves exposing his bold arms.


On a table was a whiplash along with a place to tie my hands. I would be getting 23 whiplashes. In front of many people.

Girls covering their eyes. Everything seemed to pass my mind. I started to realize that this will hurt like hell. I didn't want to scream. Vladimir removed the whiplash a held it in his hands. I bit my teeth. I didn't want to make a sound. The first lash was terrifying of pain. As it touched my skin. As it ripped and shredded. As my blood took away from my body made me weak.


I cried in pain. As I could no long hold my mouth to shut. I whined and panted as the pain shredded me.


I weakened as I could no longer hold my fists. As I wanted to faint but I needed to show strength. My eyes closing faster.


The last lash hit hardest. I scorched my back as my legs fell. My sweat and blood was now all over me. I didn't know a more shredded pain to feel before. It took my strength to look up. As faces looked away. Girls still closing their eyes. Men amazed that I was still breathing.

Vladimir crouched next to me, blood on his shirt and hands looked so sexy. I fainted. Black everywhere.

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