Bitter Love

After a bad deed, Anastasia is now owned by Mr.Colins. With his bitter love


2. C h a p t e r 2

A few hours later. There were still tears running down my face. As soon as I heard the door open, I quickly wiped them off.

"Have you chosen what you want?" He breathed heavily.

"I have" I whispered

" what did you chose?" He questioned.

" scars." I cracked my voice while saying it.

He looked at me. "Alright, why don't you shower and get some sleep. Tonight will be a rough night."

I just nodded in return. He opened the door, and leaded the way to his room.

We finally entered.

"I usually don't let girls sleep in here but you have an pass. There's the bathroom. I'll bring some food as well."

I don't reply, instead I looked at the floor. Nodding my head. I heard the door close and knew that was him leaving. So I decided to look at the room. Everything was black Matt. It had marbled floors and glass wall of a view. His lights could go from super bright to dark. I didn't notice how much money he had. I decided to take a look out side. As soon as I stepped out, the breeze hit me hard. My breath was taken away of how high I was from the ground. It was unbelievable. I couldn't run away, if I jumped I would definitely die. I went back inside, closing the door of life. I started to take my clothes off, for the shower I needed. I opened the door to enter the bathroom. I saw the most beautiful bathroom. The marbled floor, the marbled walls. The design on the ceiling. I looked on the mirror that was over the large wall. My hair was messy brown, my face was bare from make up. My freckles with my large blue eyes. My plump lips and my dried tears. I turned on the shower.

I found out that there was a stereo, I played "can't fight it" it always made me some what energized. As the water hit my skin, it was so relaxing.

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