Who am i?

This story is about a girl, who dont know who she is.
She has always felt like an outsider. She has always been scared of weird things, and she dont know why.
By the time, she will find herself, and figure herself out.


1. I dont know

I’m sitting at the table, in front of my mom. I’m eating breakfast. Well, at least I’m trying. I can’t get anything down. I’m just sitting there and staring at my food. Waiting for my mom to notice and ask me what’s wrong, so I can break down, and start crying my eyes out. But she doesn’t notice, and I just keep staring at my food.

My mom rises from the table, and goes out to the bathroom, to brush her teeth. I just keep staring at my breakfast, wondering why she didn’t notice anything.
          She knows me so damn well. I know she could tell something was wrong. I guess she just wants to pretend that I’m doing just fine, so she doesn’t have to take responsibility. Because she’s tired. Just like me. Because she’s tired of me, feeling bad. Just like me.

I can hear her toothbrush, while I’m standing up, and walks out to her. I stand outside the bathroom, and looks at her.

- Mom? I say

She looks at me, and wonders why I have tears I my eyes.

- I don’t want to go to school.

I start crying.

- Why not? What’s wrong?! She seems surprised.

- I don’t know. I just don’t like being there, I say while I’m crying.

I can’t stop the tears, they just keep running out of my eyes. 

My mom comes out of the bathroom, and starts hugging. We talk a little, and she tells me, that i can stay home today, but I have to go to school tomorrow. 
          At least i can stay home today, but i wish i could stay home forever.


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