harry_s53: hey stranger wanna talk
kaylee_xo: uh sure? I'm Kaylee
harry_s53: I'm Harry :) thanks for saying yes
kaylee_xo: I probably shouldn't have

For so many years, ever since I can remember, people have told me never to talk to people online. You never know who the person could be. They could always be lying about who they truly are. I guess I'm not one to listen.


2. Chapter One

Kaylee's point of view

I jumped off the couch after watching 4 straight hours of Twilight. It was 5 PM, and I had absolutely no life whatsoever. It was also winter break, which meant I'd have to go to the family Christmas dinner next week in Colorado. I lived in Minnesota, which meant the snowstorms weren't stopping anytime soon.

I got up and grabbed my charging phone off the counter, I paced around while checking all my social medias.

Then I went into the Instagram app and saw the small red 1 in the top right corner.

I scrolled through my DM's and found a new message from harry_s53. I had no friends named Harry, and never met anyone named Harry either.

I opened it either way, and raised an eyebrow

harry_s53: hey stranger wanna talk?

Who starts a conversation like that.

kaylee_xo: uh sure? I'm Kaylee.

harry_s53: I'm Harry :) Thanks for saying yes.

kaylee_xo: I probably shouldn't have.

Well I honestly shouldn't have. I should've ended it when I could've. I get attached way too easily, and I already know I'm gonna love talking to him

harry_s53: Uh... so how old are you? I'm 21

kaylee_xo: just your luck... I'm 20 turning 21 next month

harry_s53: that's lovely... wouldn't want you to be underaged

kaylee_xo: no we really wouldn't. So is your real name Harry?
harry_s53: no... it's Harold. My friends call me Harry. And you seem to be a friend

kaylee_xo: haha sure I'll be a friend. So why did you text me?

harry_s53: I was quite bored... waiting on my mates to come around and get ready to leave. Besides you looked interesting

kaylee_xo: uh meaning?
harry_s53: Just that I saw your profile and decided to talk to you

kaylee_xo: oh haha okay. Uh well I gotta go. Talk later.

harry_s53: Alrighty love. See ya. 

*kaylee_xo is now offline*

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