harry_s53: hey stranger wanna talk
kaylee_xo: uh sure? I'm Kaylee
harry_s53: I'm Harry :) thanks for saying yes
kaylee_xo: I probably shouldn't have

For so many years, ever since I can remember, people have told me never to talk to people online. You never know who the person could be. They could always be lying about who they truly are. I guess I'm not one to listen.


9. Chapter Eight

Kaylee's POV

We reached home late around 11 PM. I unpacked and changed my clothes into sweats and a tshirt. It was still cold but whatever. I picked up my phone and texted Harry

kaylee_xo: hey Harry. I'm home now, I'll see you Friday right?

harry_s53: yes Kaylee of course. I'll send a car for you?

kaylee_xo: def would be appreciated ;)

harry_s53: its settled. See you then.

Well then I'm seeing him Friday. I picked up my phone and started facetiming Jace. He picked up on the first ring and I smiled.

"Heyyyyyy loveeee." He said in a raspy voice.

"You been sleeping?" I asked.


"Oh crap I woke you up. Go back to sleep call me tomorrow."

"No no, stay. How are you how was your flight?"

"Both good. And you? How are you?" I asked.

"Missing you and wondering when I'm gonna show up." He replied.

"Well you have my address come anytime. I'm waiting." I said.

"I got you love. Anyways how's that Harry guy when are you seeing him?" He asked.

"Harry is alright. I'm seeing him Friday we think. Since he'll be here for a show."

"And he's not gonna get too comfortable with you correct?" He asked and I laughed.

"Jace until someone makes a move you and I are not together so all men are free to make moves on me." I grinned.

"Ah the only thing keeping me from you right now is distance so they should keep their eyes and hands and body parts alll to themselves. But yes, until this distance thing is resolved. Gonna go now."

"Ok ok fine yes distance. Goodnight." I blew a kiss and clicked decline. Then before sleeping I checked my DM's.

harry_s53: love you.

I fell asleep before I could respond.

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