Letters to those who can relate.

{ we're all pawns living in this horrendous world of ours }


6. { T H E A F T E R M A T H }

To the one not dealing with the aftermath,


I wonder if my absence has don't anything to you,

Have you cried?

Or have you forgotten already?


Do you experience long,

Restless nights,

Due to the simple thought of me? 


Is your heart broken in the same places as mine? 

Am I the only one hurting from this? 

Did I mean anything to you?


I wasn't your five minutes cigarette break,

You can't light me up when you wish,

Then extinguish me when your tired of me. 


Did you even want me?

The true me?

At 6am,

With no make up and ratty hair?

At 8am,

When I sang terribly in the shower?

At 10pm,

When I would stand in the mirror and tug at my fat?

At 11pm,

When I would cry because of how stressed and hopeless I am?

Or at 1am,

When I would over think everything, 

Did you want me at all?

Or did you just want to be with me? 

Because there's a large difference between,

Wanting me,

And wanting to be with me. 

Which was it? 


So when you see me,

Walking down the street,

Or in the aisles at local market. 

Do you look at me,

And see the girl you loved?

Or the girl you left? 




{ published 7/15/17 }

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