Letters to those who can relate.

{ we're all pawns living in this horrendous world of ours }


5. { M I S S I N G Y O U }

To the one I miss,


Truth is,

I miss you. 

I miss you so damn much that it hurts sometimes. 


I miss you when something good happens,

Because you'd be the first person I'd tell,



I miss you when I'm in trouble,

Or battling with myself. 

Because you were the only one who understood me,

Who would be there for me. 


I miss you when I laugh,

Or when I cry. 

Because you were the one who used to bring the laughter,

And make the tears disappear. 

Now they never leave. 


I miss you so much,

That when my phone rings,

I hope it's you,

Missing me back,

Wanting me again

But it's not,

You're not missing me back. 


But I miss you especially at night,

When I lay awake,

When I think of all those beautiful moments we had.

Because those moments,

Made me utterly and so happy. 

But today,

Reality slapped me in the face,

You don't miss me. 

You never will. 




{ published 7/8/17 }

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