Letters to those who can relate.

{ we're all pawns living in this horrendous world of ours }


9. { L O V E D I E S }

They say it lasts forever, 

That love will never die. 

That it is everlasting, 

They said it's immortal actually. 


But you decided against that,

I did indeed noticed the little changes in your mood. 

I also noticed the changes in the way you talked. 

But I decided not to say anything. 


No matter how badly I needed you to stay,

You still abandoned me. 

You no longer cared for me. 

No amount of Jack Daniels will ever bring you back. 


In turn,

I gave up. 

I no longer cared for my self. 

It didn't bother me that,

My grades were slipping,

My amount of friends were decreasing,

The food I consumed deceased,

The amount of effort I put in decreased.

In the end after everything I decided to give up. 

But you didn't notice did you?


You were no where to be found, 

A part of me wishes to know if my absence has done anything to you. 

A single tear yet?

You were never the one to cry anyway. 


So I thank you, 

For allowing me to believe that every love does indeed die,

For now changing the way I see admiration.

So I now know Mom that no love lasts forever.

All because of you.




{ published 8/5/17 }

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