Letters to those who can relate.

{ we're all pawns living in this horrendous world of ours }


2. { IS IT LOVE }

To the one questioning love,

That's the question we must all ask ourselves.

Is it real love,

Or are we simply admiring the attention we receive from them?

You'll be able to feel it when you are,

It'll come crashing into your life.

Whether it's at three in the morning,

Or three in the afternoon.

They'll sneak into your mind during your normal routine.

You'll be able to physically feel it in your heart.

And it won't be a pleasant pain at first.

It'll feel as if you anxious,


Passionate all at once.

You'll get excited to see them walking in the hallway at school.

Every little glimpse you catch of them feeds your ever growing love for them.


This love,

Will make you question every single other romance or crush you've had.

But this love,

It'll come unexpected.

They won't fit into your 'standards'.

They won't look exactly like the way you've imagined your lover to look like,

Smell like,

Or even touch you the way you thought they would.


They might be quite the opposite of what your mind had deceiving you of.

They'll be so completely different than what you thought you wanted,

That when they do come into your life,

You'll have no damn idea of what to do.

Those eyes of theirs will trap you in trances,

Making you forget how to breathe half of the time.

When they run their fingertips across your silky smooth skin,

It'll feel like home and a foreign place all at once.

Their own simple existence is just a mystery,

Waiting to be solved by you.

When you fall in love,

Which I hope every one of you do,

You shouldn't fall in love with someone who you know completely.

The main objective to love is the challenge of finding someone who's love is always changing,

Always growing for you.

Now I must warn you,

People are always evolving.

Their mistakes,




Are constantly forming that person into someone new.

We must accept the new them because with every new experience,

Their minds are open to new opportunities.

Now we shouldn't fall in love with a replica of ourselves,

It'll be just like dating ourselves which isn't very fun,

Trust me.

The old term 'opposites attract' is very true.

Imagine two puzzle pieces,

Each looking the exact same,

But yet so different at the same time.

Would they fit together without having to turn them at all?

We must become a whole with our opposites,

Because once placed together like puzzle pieces,

We feel complete.

This world of ours is like a puzzle,

And with them,

You'll feel as if you're two pieces that fit perfectly together.

Then that's when you realize it,

You're completely and hopelessly in love with them.

You'll constantly want to hear their voice,

It'll linger in the air for only a few moments after they've said goodbye to you for the night.

Their touch,

From their warm embrace,

Will leave a small warmth in you as they take the short walk back to their car.

In the middle of the day,

Or night,

You'll crave that same feeling of having them holding you close.

Their laughter,

The sweet sound of their happiness,

It'll become the cure to all the heartache you've felt the days before you meet them.

At this point,

It should be obvious.

Everything will be clearer.

Everything that never made sense before then you'll understand just the way you know simple math.

You've found love.

Cherish it.


{ published 06/17/17}

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