Letters to those who can relate.

{ we're all pawns living in this horrendous world of ours }


7. { F A L L I N G A S L E E P }

To the one who wishes to sleep, It's peaceful, Shutting your eyes, And drifting off into a dream. Forgetting about the world for a while. It's soothing. But it's also painless, You don't feel anything. It's just you, And your thoughts. Alone. It's quiet, No one talks, No one laughs, No one around. Just the sound of your inhales and exhales. It's soothing. You get a chance to forget about everything for a while. Forget the world, Your problems, Others' problems, The pain, The anger, Everything, Just gone for a while. It's refreshing. Because after one bad day, Tomorrow is a whole new day. m. { published 7/22/17 }
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