Letters to those who can relate.

{ we're all pawns living in this horrendous world of ours }


3. { B R E A K I N G M Y H E A R T }

To the man who broke my heart,


You said you would love me forever,

From the first moment you saw me to that last.

Endless love you called it.

With each smile,


And laugh we shared I thought you would stay forever,

Just like you said.

You stuck around for some time,

And I appreciate our time together even if it wasn't forever like you promised.

You were there in my highs along with those dreadful lows.

You were my biggest supporter,

My number one fan. 

You effortlessly made me laugh,

You brought so much happiness into my life.

But I guess I wasn't enough.

So the conversations cut short and you no longer came around.

Until one day you decided that I

wasn't good enough anymore.

And a large hole formed in my chest.

You abandoned me and left behind nothing but sadness.


I cried,

And cried,

Wanting to know why.


Why'd you leave?

Why'd you disappear?

Why'd you decide I wasn't enough?



So time went by,

Months I believe.

I asked around to see how you were.

They said you had found someone new.

Someone better.

I couldn't believe it,

Until I saw.

You were happier with your new life.

And we no longer were important to you.

We were your toys,

Only to be used when you wanted.

Then thrown away when you got bored with us.


When you left,

Mom was no longer the same.

She cried,

She drank,

She slept so much more,

But worse of all she was no longer our mother.

She was an emotionless being,

Simply existing and nothing more. 

She stopped because of you.


So thank you Dad,

For breaking my heart before any boy could.


{ published 6/24/17 }

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