My little secrets

Lagoona and Niall met at a party 16years ago. When Lagoona runs into an old friend who invites her over what will she reveal told "the gang".

I actually wrote this when i was around 11 or 12 so im copying the most part down and then finshing the book. I wrote it when i was up at a friends cottage that i am hoping to go to again.


1. Old Friends, New Relationships

Laguna's P.O.V

I ran into an old friend today, Jenifier Maleurance. She is still friends with my ex Niall Horan. Yes the Niall Horan from one direction, thing is i have twin girls... they are also his. Crystal and Skylar; Crystal is a huge tomboy loves sports, animals and drawing, Skylar is the opposite she is a full on girly girl. We were going to Harry's cottage, I had just gotten  out of the car when I was dive-bombed by Ember and Jenifier, then the boys came outside. Thats when I heard Skylar skreech "these are brand new shoes" Crystal rolled her eyes "Shut up you big baby." Sky went back in the car and slammed the door shut probably to clean her shoes. Then the kids came out, Liam's: Josh and Yunus (twins), Zayns: Zack and Daniel (twins) Louis's: Macey and Harry's: Dimitri and Darcy. They all said hi and Crystal smiled at them. "I want to go swimming" Crystal said. Hold your horses there monkey we just got here" I said. "We can watch them if you want to unpack" Louis said. "Zayn can take you to the bunkhouse" Liam said and Zayn nodded. "Okay," I said grabbing my bags and walking to the bunkhouse with Zayn.


Crystal's P.O.V

I left to go get changed into my bathing suit, it was a blue and black cheetah bikini. I came out to go swimming and saw Dimitri and Yunus looking at me death glaring eachother. I shrugged it off, ran down the boardwalk and jumped into the water with everyone else. I turned to find Darcy, Macey, Zack and Daniel all under the board walk. Darcy motioned for me to come over, so I did. "Lisen" Daniel said. I heard wispers above us " You can't like her i saw her first" , "Its my body i can do what ever i want" I thought nothing of it really, annd we swam until dinner. *After Dinner* Louis was making sleeping arrangments for tonight. "Alright Dimitri and Daniel,Darcy Skylar and Macey, Zack and Yunus, Josh and Crystal, Harry and Jenifier, Liam and Ember, Zayn and Adison, Lagoona and Niall, ancd finally me and Audrey." We all went to our rooms to go to bed. "Top or bottom" Josh said. "Doesnt matter" I replied. "I'll take bottom then," Josh said getting onto the bottom bunk, while i climed the ladder to the top and went to bed.


Sklar's P.O.V

I never really wanted to be here... until I saw Zack, he's cute and he has the best abbs! I saw them when he was swimming earlier. I almost fainted he's so hot. I cant wait to get to know him, mabey i'll get lucky and he'll like me back. My sister better stay away though... or else.


Lagoona's P.O.V

Just by chance I get stuck with Niall. I guess its now or never. As we went into the room I looked at the queen sized bed, then at Niall. "This is aquared" i said. "Yeah it is", Niall said. "Niall I have to tell you something." There was no turning back now, I had to tell him. "Those are your kids, I got pregnant at that party and didnt know how to tell you because you were with Priancka." Niall looked, then he spoke. "I wish you didn't wait 16 years to tell  me that I had kids." He said. "I knew you were with Priancka and i didnt want to ruin it-" he kissed me. "It's okay i get it, who went with you to the hospital?" "My brother, we live together our parents kicked me out whemn they found out." "I'm so sorry. I wasnt there and i should have been. Do the kids know?" I shook my head. "Then we'll tell them." I nodded, They deserved to know after all these years. " Lets go to bed" Niall said, and with that we went to bed.


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