The nightmare after christmas

After the the whole Christmas ordeal the town of Halloween went ack to normal. Jack and Sally are now living their lives the way they wan to with their dog zero. But for how long will things happy for?? Will Jack and Sally's love for each other be enough...??


1. The New Beginning

Hey everybody!! I'd like to welcome you to The Nightmare After Christmas. I hope you enjoy what I have written and if you could give me feedback on it I'd be really happy. Enjoy!!

I can't believe how much I have fallen for her. Her rooted corps smell, her hand stitched dress, and her long red hair that complements her pale blue moon skin. The way she walks in those sexy heels of her drives me crazy. Her voice is so angle like it's a sin to hear it in a demonic place such as this. I just love when she moves to fast and one of her limbs comes flying out of there stitches. How I love it when I hand her limb back to her and she flashes her wicked smile at me as pulls out h

er needle and thread from her hair. Oh how I love her. How my love for her has came this strong I can't tell. She is my Sally...and I am her Jack Skeleton.

I wish I had listened to her when she said Christmas was not meant to be for Halloween land. But if I did would we be here together like we are now?? No we wouldn't. I can't believe that I wanted to turn this horrible nice place into something cute and fluffy. Gross. I'm glad the snow has turned into a nice green colour it really makes the town look good.

Anyway since the the clear up of Christmas started Sally has moved in with me. The Good Doctor through her out when he made another servant with half his brain. He said Sally was too much of a free-spirit and isn't patient enough. The thing is though all the spirits here are damed just like the rest of us but Sally...she really does stand of the crowd.

She fits right in at my at tall dark house, she really brightens up the place with her dying blue skin and her blood red hair. Zero has taken to her very highly - he likes that there is someone else who will pay attention to him. Though he does get in the way sometimes when we want some privacy.

Whenever I hold her rotten flesh face with my long bony hands and look into her huge gleaming eyes I feel. I feel so much emotion for her that I have never felt for anyone else before. I feel it all through my cold un-dead shell of a body and know that I love her. When I move my hands to the back of her multicoloured dress to pull her closer to me me I can her breathing quicken. All I can do in that moment is kiss those plumb lips of hers, softly and deeply. She then moves her soft deadly hands slowly over my chest and up to the back of my skin bone head. I know in that moment that I will love her till the end of time and always in that moment Zero comes into the room painting that ghostly glow of his. Then the moment is over.

Bit never the less I would never change my nightmare of a family - Ive learnt that lesson. I can't picture anyone else I would rather want to scare grown men with than her. No one else I would rather spend the rest of my dead immortal life with. My perfect rag-doll - Sally my dear... we are simply meant to be.

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