Famous (Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)

"If I tell you something promise you won't leave me?" Harry said eyes pleading

"I promise Edward, what is it?" Hayley asked looking up at him

"I'm famous and my real name is Harry" He spoke watching as her face change to disappointment.


4. 4

It was monday morning Hayley wanted to go to her favorite cafe and try reading her book again. It was  a rainy day and what  better way to spend it on a comfy couch where people can bring you your coffee, yeah she could get that at hoome to but she liked it at the cafe even tho the cafe belonged to her mother as a hobby she loved the cafe before her mum bought it.

"Hi love thought you'd stay in bed today"

"If I did someone else would have taken my place, hi Ella" Hayley spoke leaning forward to hug the elderly woman over th counted


"Yes and please keep them coming" she spoke walking to the couch in the corner reserved only for her.

Harry was fast asleep when he heard his phone ringing , sighing he reached over answering the phone.

"Hello" he spoke voice raspy.

"Where the hell are you Harold your interview is starting in twenty minutes you better get your ass over here  now!" Before he could answer the phone was ended.

He rolled out of bed yawning grabbing clothes.


"How does it feel to be back in your home town?" the intwerviewer asked

"Its really fun seeing all my old friends and meeting new ones its true what they say you dont know what your missing till its gone my mum was so exited to see me she wouldnt even let me go to the loo without asking where im going"

"Any new woman in your life?"

"Actually yeah I met someone"

"After the ad break Harry will be singing his new single Perfect"


Harry walked down the street in daze when he spotted Hayley sitting in a cafe reading a book. Smiling to himself he walked to the cafe and straight to her.

"Hi Hay"

"Hi" she answered looking up from her book then back down again
"I actually wanted to ask you something"

"And that is" She looked up at him placing her book down.

"Would you maybe go to dinner with me at my mums house"

Harry walked into his mums house heading straight to her 

"Hi mum" Harry spoke hugging his mum

"Hi hun whats up you seem chirpy today"

"I met this girl and i was wondering if we could come over later for dinner?"

"Harry i know i shouldnt be asking this but are you sure shes not after you for your fame?"

"I agree with your mum Harry" Robin Harrys stepdad spoke 

"Thats the thing, she doesnt know im famous"

Both of them raised their eyebrows.

"She thinks my name is Edward and id really apreciate it if you guys didnt tell her"

"We'll keep our mouths shut but Harold the truth will  always find a way to come out you know that so you will have to tell her sooner than later"

"I will mum I promise"

Hayley glared at Maura "Come on we both know you think he's sexy"

"How bout this one?" Hayley spoke holding a dress infront of her

"Looks good now let me do your makeup so you dont look like a nerd"

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