Dark Love

A love-poem for Nyarlathotep.


1. 001

So many words unspoken,
And so many knowledge unknown.
While we remain in the dark.
There is something you should know,
But all words fall to nothingness;
While your arms surround me.

Still I try to find a way,
My dream come true; Nyarlathotep,
You showed me what to do.
My soul is yours-only,
'cause I sold it to you.

On the moment I saw you,
Curled in a black cloak; faceless,
That feelings surround me
As a blow over the eternal sea.

Tell me you want to stay with me,
And don't wander in the empty waste.
I am sorry, that I wasn't there,
And that I doubted you.
I am sorry; I belong to you,
I know it; I don't doubt it.

So many words unspoken
While we remain in the dark.
Trying to find a way,
To say how much I love you.

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