Crazy is..

Crazy is.. when the bad boy needs a cigarrette, when the New Girl finds the smoke passing by his lips the hottest thing. Crazy is.. when Cassie was admitted to the Psychiatrict facility and ran into William, though she had been the awkward one out. William looked like somebody she couldn't trust from afar. Protective. Strong and Aggresive. It was that one incident that had drawn Cassie closer to him, there were secrets buried there behind his eyes.. secrets his lips would not speak on.
'Tell me what's on your mind.' He'd ask over a lit cigarette.
Could Cassie actually be blinded by the Bad Boy of the Psychiatric facility, or is there actually something she should know in order to be prepared?


2. Part One




A particular trio seemed to keep looking in Cassie's direction. She stared, fairly expressionlessly back at them, catching a glimpse of their faces as they took it in turns to examiner her. Then, as one of the two males stood from his chair, Cass leant forward on her elbows and didn't once take her dull brown eyes off of him.

It wasn't long before conflict rose, which was seemingly over the most pointless thing. Cassie smirked slightly, pushing the tray of food away from her body. Out of sight, out of mind. But it wasn't; it never was.

She stared up at the two males, who were quite close to her, and just watched, amused. In fact, as one of the boys (Rodney or the other; she couldn't quite tell who was who) punched the second, she felt a small chuckle escape her lips. It wasn't impressive. Anyone with a brain could get angry, shout and then injure someone. It was just funny to watch two (literally) mental, fully grown adults fight and argue over name calling. What was the point?

As the two orderlies hastily came over to assist the duo, Cassie quickly rose from her seat, grasping the tray. Her eyes scanned the room frantically for a moment, feeling a sensation of panic overcome her once again. It seemed to hit her so suddenly, however, she felt as if now was her only chance. Both orderlies were preoccupied. Then, finally, she found what she was looking for, and quickly walked towards it. A bin. Dumping her lunch into it, she then placed the tray on a pile of others.

Cassie could still hear shouting, though that wasn't her current focus. After exhaling a relieved and deep breath, she turned and searched for the source. That was when she had spotted the male - Will, she presumed to be his name - being escorted out of the cafeteria. 

Having nothing better to do, Cassie followed him.

After all, he seemed like he had been approaching her before he decided to strangle Rodney. And it would most likely be a much nicer and quieter environment than it was in the cafeteria.

Cassie didn't have a clue where she was headed: simply following Will and the orderlies through corridor after corridor. It all looked the same to her, and it would clearly take time to grow used to the surroundings. However, finally, they seemed to come to a halt. After talking to Will for a few moments, they then returned to the cafeteria, not noticing Cassie who was lurking behind a wall.

"Do you attack people often, or..?" She asked, grinning widely as she walked towards the doorway of Will's room. It was probably quite a shock for him to have the new girl suddenly appear by his bedroom without any warning or reasoning.

Smirking at him, she leant against the doorway, not entering since there were probably rules and repercussions for doing that.




Will shuffled his feet back from the two, swinging his right arm fom their grasp as though he could hold his own, he mouthed a few words to the them before he had been left at the entrance of his room.
He cursed underneath his breath and his upper lips curled a the sight of the two /control freaks/ walking back towards the stairs to head on down to the cafeteria.

Raising his arm he circled his wrist as he tried to stretch out his arm, frustratedly.

A the point he had pulled and extended his arm, he had turned towards his room and walked passed the doorway and proceeded about halfway towards his window when he had heard a feminine voice reach out to him, a small smile only feld to his face to dissappear once again before he turned to face the new girl, making his way forward.
Pressing his thumb along his knuckles to pop his fingers as he rolled his shoulders and popped his neck to relive himself of tension and gave her a chuckle at her question. hazel eyes looking over her for once.

"What did you do, follow me here?" His voice fell in an angsty approach, which he thought quickly about and scoffed nasally before looking to his wall on her left.


There'd been a poster there, sort of a tacky one about Sports.

Running his nails along the nape of his neck, he gave her a small shrug before finally answering, "No, I don't." His eyes danced around behind a squint as though he tried not to let on that he did and lowered his arm before returning his eyes to her, "Unless they actually manage to piss me off, in this case, the bastard deserved it.


If that's what you're asking." He pointed out blandly and sighed, taking a few steps back and leaning towarda a bookcase towards the wall under the poster.


Running his index finger along the spines of old, withered novels until he pulled one out at random. "Hamlet," He'd say with a small laugh that hissed by, turning sidelong to her then, "heard of it?" He waved the book up and down and patted the cover, "Best book /ever/ on the subject of Revenge."


His turn to smirk now as he reached her with a few steps forward, "You know. You can come in if you wanted to?" He looked over her shoulder carefully, "I don't think they would mind."



Cassie maintained a smile, which seemed to widen into a grin or lessen into a smirk depending on the comments being made. She shrugged her shoulders, staring at him before replying:


"I might of." Why did he seem so... angsty? His behaviour previously, accompanied by his tone of voice made the girl grin. He was like a child. It was very entertaining to witness and experience.

Then she suddenly let out a chuckle after his reply. Bullshit. She didn't believe him at all, that he didn't cause violence and arguments everyday. It was obvious that he did, which didn't take a therapist to work out. But she didn't comment on her thoughts; it was probably apparent by her laughter and mocking that she didn't trust his lies.

"Ah, I see," the girl then said, almost patronisingly. There was a hint of sarcasm and humour laced around her words, though also some innocence. Like she didn't mean to be so cynical (which, in reality, she did). Cass wondered if he'd grow frustrated with her, like he did with the other male. If she was lucky, perhaps he'd attack her too. What an exciting first day that would be! Definitely one to remember.

Her eyes lingered on him, like the smile lingered on her lips. She furrowed her brows in his direction and watched with intent at whatever he was doing. As he pulled out the book from his collection, she squinted slightly, trying to figure out the reasoning behind doing this.

"Never read it," she replied. How strange.

Then, as he invited her into the room, she focused on the smirk across his lips, mimicking it with a smile. Nodding slightly, she stepped inwards and sat down at the end of his bed. She wondered how long he had been here. His room was significantly less bland than her own, so it must have been long enough to decorate. Perhaps his family had brought things when they visited. Or had he obtained them himself? Cassie thought that a person's room reflected them quite accurately, so she always enjoyed observing people's belongings.




Will had heard her chuckle and immediately had laid his eyes on her but chose to overlook it as though it were nothing. He didn't wish to run into more trouble, considering the rough start he had shown out infront of nearly the whole facility. Will shook his head and just shrugged before placing the book back with a lower of his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm sure you do." He had bounced back to her with her near patronising voice. There was a sense of sarcasm with his, however. Once he had turned back around to face her, his feet shuffled towards the bed and he fell down onto it, the mattress jolting beneath his weight like it had been old and tired.

"Never read it. So, you're telling me you know nothing about Shakespeare. Wow." He stated blandly, in deisbelief, "Here I was thinking you look more of a woman than I do, with that hair and smile. One I've never worn in that sort of way." His voice trailed off and he ran his tongue along his bottom lip and he watched her enter.


Forcing a grin, he placed an finger to his mouth and exhaled before slinging his wrist as though he were dumping ashes. His eyes wandered her direction as she had sat alongside him though he sat towards the window facing forward.

His eyes observed her as she looked around his room.

"I'm William, I've been here..," he pondered a moment, inhaling again once he brought his hand back to his mouth, "Two months and now three days, considering the time." He looked from her abruptly.


With a twitch of his index and middle finger he flun the envisioned cigarette to the ground and leaned his chin upwards as the imaginary smoke passed his lips once again. "I would have offered you one," he smirks, his attention casted still to the ceiling, "But girls like you don't seem like the type who'd appreciate a good cigarrette." Lowering his head then he smiled sideways to her.

"What about you?" He placed his hands firmly onto his knees.




Cassie listened to him complain about her lack of knowledge regarding Shakespeare. She grinned and laughed, saying:

"I know things about him. I just haven't read Hamlet." Then as he proceeded to ramble and protest, her smile widened upon hearing him... compliment her? Could you call it that? Nonetheless, she enjoyed listening to it.

She glanced towards the male, sitting beside him. It took her a moment to figure out what he was doing, raising his fingers to his lips, inhaling then exhaling. However, as she realised, she smirked at him and continued to watch. How bizarre.

"William? Like William Shakespeare? Is that why you love him so much?" She almost laughed, but instead simply grinned. And, after hearing his next comment, her expression didn't once falter.

"I like you, William," she said, seemingly out of the blue. It was true; she was just stating a fact. He amused her and made her laugh, therefore, she had decided that she liked him. She also found his teenage attitude humorous and unnecessary, which was a bonus.

Shrugging briefly, she replied after a pause:

"My name's Cassie, I've been here for less than an hour, and you shouldn't make sexist assumptions, because you are wrong." She smirked at him then turned away, looking towards the space in front of her. Aside from the boring therapy, counselling, rules and everything else which sucked the fun out of life, she had a feeling that being here wouldn't be too bad. It was all a big game to Cass; one in which she would win.




Will leaned into his legs a bit and nodded along to the rhythm of her voice, she'd seemed to happy and he couldn't understand it. Why would she be smiling at this time, hadn't she just been admitted into a Mental Hospital, of all things?

Her question had caught him off guard and his jaw lowered as he rose a confused expression towards her, "No. Wi..," he laughs, "I honestly almost forgot we share the same first name. It's cool. I can't say I love him, I've never met him." His smile broadened similiar to a young boy given a firetruck.

His hazel eyes widened and his ears flushed red before he turned his focus from her suddenly, "No, you don't." How could she? He blinks, running his eyes along the carpet, the toe of his converse rose and fell as he tapped a nervous foot.
"I made a /sexist presumption/," He would pause then, "Would you like a cigarette, then?" He smirked to her but his head was low and his eyes just tilted her direction before choosing to straighten his posture and he reacched out his left hand towards Cassie, completely oblivious that there had been no cigarette there that he had been offering.

He would lower his hand undicisively, "Um, I'm sorry you had to wintess that bullshit in the cafeteria because of me." His voice had been unsure, sort of out of the blue like her /liking/ him had been.

"Which could explain why I think you're wrong. How could you like me? I'm such an idiot." 

Shaking his head he'd look over to the ajarred door. There'd been no emotion in his calling himself an /idiot/, he fully meant what he had done to Tommy. He honestly didn't care what anyone had thought about his rebellion. 
An orderly came by during checks and knocked once on a few doors along the stretch of hallway and then kncoked on his, looking in, they would raise a brow.

"Nothing going on in here, is there, William?"

Will shook his head quickly, "No, sir." His voice sincere but in a gruff tone.

The orderly would move on.

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