Crazy is..

Crazy is.. when the bad boy needs a cigarrette, when the New Girl finds the smoke passing by his lips the hottest thing. Crazy is.. when Cassie was admitted to the Psychiatrict facility and ran into William, though she had been the awkward one out. William looked like somebody she couldn't trust from afar. Protective. Strong and Aggresive. It was that one incident that had drawn Cassie closer to him, there were secrets buried there behind his eyes.. secrets his lips would not speak on.
'Tell me what's on your mind.' He'd ask over a lit cigarette.
Could Cassie actually be blinded by the Bad Boy of the Psychiatric facility, or is there actually something she should know in order to be prepared?


3. Part 2-Part One



Cassie had to prevent herself from bursting into a fit of laughter. No she didn't? What kind of a response was that? She quickly laid her eyes on the male again, watching his eyes widen and his nervous, awkward behaviour. Perhaps the girl had already managed to discover his weakness. Compliments? She thought, trying to decipher the possibilities in her head. Maybe it was because she was female, though, he didn't seem like the type of person to be embarrassed around girls.

"Yes I do," she quickly replied, smiling at him and nodding slightly. She wouldn't argue the matter any longer if he decided to deny it again, but she /was/ curious as to how he would react.

The female nodded, eyes flickering to his empty hand. She thought this was a joke, so simply played along with it. Doing so made her smirk: amused. With her dainty right hand, she'd reach for his palm and grasp nothing between her two fingers. Then she'd bring her fingers to her lips and inhale a breath, only to blow outwards a few moments later.

Then an eyebrow raised. He didn't seem very sorry, despite deciding to apologise for no apparent reason.

"Don't be," she replied, taking her eyes off of him and looking into her hand where she supposedly held a cigarette. "I thought it was funny." 

She chuckled quietly. "I guess I like idiots then."

The sound of doors knocking approached. Cassie glanced outside of the doorway, watching until the orderly finally reached the current room. She smiled at the man, watching as he spoke. She wanted to say, 'does it look like anything is going on?' Really. They were just sitting and talking. And as he left, she returned her attention to William.



Will rose his shoulders in a tight shrug as if to blow off her /yes I do/, "Cool, I guess. Not going to deny your point. You're a woman, I'm a man," he began, stating the obvious, "If I had any balls at all, which I do! I would have to say /I like you too/, unless, of course- I'd rather chop them off and impale myself." His choice of words were semi explicit and though /strange/ he had been referring to himself as not being /gay/. Knowing she'd catch on. smiling then to her, catching her own sort of smile; he had been was releived to notice that she had chosen to play along to the cigarette, his eyes had taken in her dainty hand. The feminine fingers and complexion. Tearing his eyes away just to see her inhale and exhale from the seemingly invisible cancer stick.
His eyes took in her movement, as one would lowering the speed of a video..
Her voice eventually had caught up with him though and he had blinked a few times, he could see from meeting her face with a look of puzzlement how she had held the cigarette in her hand within his peripheral.

"I guess I like sharing my cigarettes." He'd smirk with a small chuckle.

His attention was stolen as he saw the small grey boombox in sitting upon the dresser towards the door.
"Oh, check this out!" Will stands up and walks towards the cd and radio combo with oval speakers and an awfully taped up antennae. 
"I got this radio sent to me on my birthday last weekend, it's pretty old school but it works, so-," He switched on the power button and presses the back button about four times.
Pressing play.
The boombox had already been set on about as loud as it can get, the track began on what had sounded similiar to an indie solo guitar before the electric bassed through, he jumps in attempts to bring both feet off of the ground and falls back with a swing of his hair and mocks the guitar with another imagined thing. One more to make things twice as awkward, as he felt in the back of his mind.
"Hell yeah!" Herushed out from his bedroom and yelled out abnoxiously, "!" An orderly below the stairs had caught his eye and Will stuck out his tongue and forced the devil horns.
"William turn that down!"
Came the womans voice from below.
Will only spun around to face Cassie but then would walk over and turn it down halfway.
"People don't get me," he'd frown but only to pick up a smile once it had failed, knowing that he had somebody listening, "You want to know why I was admitted?" He cut the radio off.



He seemed so strange and awkward. It was highly amusing, though she could have felt sorry for him quite easily. Laughing at him as he explained whatever he was explaining, she nodded. Cassie didn't really understand it, but that didn't matter. William was an (unintentionally) funny person and that was all that mattered.

She kept her eyes on him as he stood from the bed and fiddled around with the radio.

"How lovely." She smirked. However, once it turned on, she was slightly surprised that it even worked. The sudden noise made her jump somewhat, and she flinched, laughing at herself. But soon the laughter became directed at the male; she watched him jump and dance about. Grinning widely, she clapped her hands together with the music, then chuckled at his comments.

Then, once the orderly came and ruined the short lived party, Cassie brought her hands to her side and exaggerated a frown.

"What a party-pooper," she said plainly, soon beginning to smile again. 

Shrugging, she replied, "sure." Some people were more personal than others regarding the reasons they were admitted. Cassie was quite open with her issues, but she knew that some would never reveal their problems - not even to their obligatory counsellor. She didn't particularly care either; it wasn't like a disorder would change her opinion on someone.




The smile cast upon Cassies face had made Will jump with joy from within, made him happy to see she had been drawn to his stupidity. 
His smile brightened once he had seen her flinch and when she had laughed he couldn't help but laugh with her until the orderly.
"Pshh yeah." He replied before turning  from the radio, he remembered the napkin and he felt the fabric fall through his pant leg. With a wrinkle of his nose, he held up a finger before turning around from her to undo his pants to catch the napkin from traveling any further down his thigh.
"Got it." He'd announce before turning with the bundled napkin in his hand.
"What?" His ears perked for a second as his eyes widened slightly, "oh../sure/." Nodding his head side to side he lowered his eyes and opened the napkin then, careful not to expose what was inside. "It as a few months ago, I had to stay in with a room mate because I have no parents," he rolled his eyes once closed and brought his pinched fingers to his lips as though he were taking something from the napkin, chewing then. He'd fold the napkin back up.
"And..anyway. When I was there, for two weeks, this guy would come in and make hits at me. I was pissed, that's one reason why I fucking clocked Tommy. I felt violated, why my room college, would have the decency to stroll into my room and just start hitting me and calling me names. He even said one time: 'You're just like your father'. Funny we were close friends at one point and I actually told the prick everything. How my Father had molested me and my Mother died, then he went shortly after." Wills body begn to rock to and fro as he stood there, his shoulders up a bit, "And, my room mate comes in and he got verbal and pulle down his pants, mind you there was another room mate too but when he did this..that room mate wasn't there with us and I had made sure to tell him, /if you come back to my room and fuck wtih me again, I'll rack you/. He didn't care what I said..," exhaling, Will walked over and sat down on the twin bed opposite Cassie. 
"I had hidden this staple gun under my pillow so when, 'Will laughs, "So when he had came in and pulled his pants down to tell me to 'suck it', I took the staple gun once I told him 'yeah okay bring it' but then I'd pull it from under my pillow and instead, grabbed his waist..," he demonstrated by clutching his lower abdomen, "Like this and began stapeling like hell! I stapeled him good, like twenty nine times and I found it hard to stop, turned me on. Left him there for the room mate to find, he nearly lost his /privates/ and I was sent here because I was diagnosed with some shit." Will scoffs and rolls the bunched napkin inside of his hand.

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