Crazy is..

Crazy is.. when the bad boy needs a cigarrette, when the New Girl finds the smoke passing by his lips the hottest thing. Crazy is.. when Cassie was admitted to the Psychiatrict facility and ran into William, though she had been the awkward one out. William looked like somebody she couldn't trust from afar. Protective. Strong and Aggresive. It was that one incident that had drawn Cassie closer to him, there were secrets buried there behind his eyes.. secrets his lips would not speak on.
'Tell me what's on your mind.' He'd ask over a lit cigarette.
Could Cassie actually be blinded by the Bad Boy of the Psychiatric facility, or is there actually something she should know in order to be prepared?


1. Introduction

Will had been in his assigned room of the Mental Institution, completely zoned out sitting on the ledge of his twin bed, chin upwards as his eyes took in the ceiling. His hands hand been pressed into the comforter as his mouth had held itself open as though his eyes could almost picture the smoke evaporating from his mouth.
"Fucking hell...," he would mumble in a slur to himself.
Two months and two days.
No cigarettes, he couldn't afford to make the change needed to buy them. Sure, there were breaks and he would see the other patients leave for outside often but Will had been sentenced /In House/ due to his..
an older womans voice pulled through his head:
/'Devil-may-care behaviour!'/
Will blew out the last puff of smoke, envisioning the grey cloud just pouring from his lungs.

Downstairs outside of the Psychiatric Facility, Cassie was surprisingly calm, "Thank you," the girl cheerfully replied upon exiting the black taxi. She flashed the bald man a large smile then proceeded to watch him drive away. Far, far away down the winding gravel road and through the large black gates in the distance.

The impressive building in which she was now pushing open the grand door to was.. huge; it loomed over her, as if trying to intimidate. The exterior bricks were covered in ivy and moss. The hospital was old, that was certain, and it looked as if it could completely crumble to ruin after a heavy storm. It had probably been renovated from something with Victorian heritage. Despite the elderly state that it was in, Cassie could admire the beauty of it. It had character.

The woman behind the wooden desk waggled a finger in Cassie's direction, holding a phone closely to her ear with the other hand. How interesting. The girl stared at the decor, examining and taking in every inch of it. She slowly walked closer to counter, heels thudding loudly against the floor. Then finally, she was greeted.

"Hello, how may I help?" The woman asked, forcing an obligatory smile. Did she need to ask? Cassie looked like an absolute loony; clearly they both knew the reason for why she was here.

Her outfit was a messy mishmash of colours and patterns. A green shirt, long white skirt and lilac knee high socks. And around her shoulder was a black leather bag containing various essentials. It was small, but held an assortment of clothes inside. She didn't need many unlike most girls typically would. After all, she wasn't planning on going anywhere fancy.

"My name's Cassandra," she replied, never allowing the smile to falter from across her lips. "Casandra Ainsworth." The woman nodded, fumbled around for a few moments then informed her of where she would be sleeping and a brief set of directions. Room 32B. 

"Oh, and a nurse will check up on you later: tell about the rules and regulations and all of that. Lunch is pretty soon too - at twelve o'clock."

"Lovely!" Cassie replied, grinning now. "Thank you so much." 


And with that, she left, wandered through several identical corridors, up and down a fair amount of identical stairs until finally finding her room which looked identical to every other. It was nothing special - exactly what she expected. What she was familiar with. The upper part of the door was glass (or most likely some sort of plastic substitute), which she understood the need for. There was a singular window, bed and desk and presumably through the interior door was a small bathroom.

The girl placed her belongings on the bed and reached down to her feet, pulling away a section of her sock to reveal a watch wrapped around her ankle.


A door had closed nearby and near lazily, he had led his eyes to his door with a scoff.
With a tired roll of his eyes, he swept the back of his left, bruised hand across his face in attempts to brush his bangs from blocking the view of this lame, brown surface looming in the distance. And a damn window. Imagine that.

Cassie had figured There was no point in growing familiar with the surroundings, so she instead decided to make her way to wherever lunch was being served. Probably a big, bland cafeteria. With the help of signs and directions from others, she eventually made it there.

The place had been packed with about twelve to twenty others as usual. 
Tommy shoved by Will once he had entered, not much of a friend but a random guy who just so happens to enjoy bumping into him and others on occasion. 
Will turned and stumbled lightly to the left upon entrance, he flipped Tommy the bird before glaring into him until he took his /precious/ time towards the bar serving the food.

Cassie entered the cafeteria then, sheepishly allowing her gaze to wonder from person to person. Quite a few returned the look, opting to maintain eye contact for a lot longer and stare at her. She mimicked the others nearby and grabbed a tray, sliding it down the counter and allowing the cooks to slop on whatever food they had. Each time the girl would reply with a wide smile and an overenthusiastic 'thank you!'

Will, as usual, wore his bored expression as he shifted through the sea of individuals.
Second glancing some, walking towards the bar where another patient had stood, one that stood out to him but Will overlooked it.
"What would it be this afternoon, dearie."
Will met this older womans eyes with a deadly set of his own, in definite contrast to her false cheerful mood,
"First off- don't call me dearie." Wills voice shot to her.
The older lunch lady would just grin wickedly as she poured his gravy over a lump of instant potatoes, gave him a chicken leg and a wheat roll before sliding it over to him.
Her grin had been plastic, her eyes held crows feet and her expression spoke a few words inaudibly in clear meaning that made Will think on how he should just keep watching her with his own glare until he took the tray.
"Have a wonderful afternoon, /dearie/."


As Cassie walked away, holding a tray in both of her scrawny hands, her eyes continuously darted between tables and patients. Where was she to sit? Clearly friendships and communities had already been established, so she would most likely be lonesome for the first few days here. Or perhaps for the entire duration of her stay. Hopefully not.



She had looked. Lost.
Wills eyes fell on her for a short moment until he resided to his table, the one in which he usually would sit at along with two other males and a female.

"pst, William," Tommy hissed across the table to him, latching onto Will the instant he had sat down.
Without hesitattion, as though in routine, Will took his orange juice and slid it over.
"Your turn." Will spoke on the low, recieving a smirk from Tommy as he then passed a small napkin to Sherry, in whom sat next to him, then Sherry passed it to David in whom passed it under the table to Will.
Will smirks with a scoff, licks his bottom chapped lip and stuffs the napkin into the front of his jeans.
Winking to Sherry.
"Newbie. Who is she?" David would ask, leaning onto the table to glance past Will.
Will hadn't even touched his food before turning to catch sight of the woman again. Perhaps close to his age.
Turning back around almost immediatly.
"Smells like a Newbie. Must be a Newbie." Quirking a brow, Will shoved a spoon of potatoes into his mouth. 


After a long hesitation, Cassie eventually made her way towards an empty table. She sat down, fixating her eyes on the tray in front of her for some time. Her brows furrowed. So far the environment didn't seem too harsh or strict. Removing her vision from the food, she trailed it throughout the room. There were a couple of nurses standing by, but since there weren't many people to watch over, they'd probably notice unacceptable behaviour. 

Cassie inhaled and exhaled deeply. She grasped a knife and fork in each hand, then quickly darted her eyes around the room again. She probably kept a cool exterior, but her heart was now thudding heavily in her chest. She began cutting sections of the meal; simply fiddling with it without an intention to do anything else. 

A few moments had passed, "So, why do you think she's here?" Tommy would ask Will slowly, as though each word meant a bit of a difference compared to the last. His voice had been a light one compared to Sherry if ever she does talk. Will, shifting in his seat a bit began to pick at the rotesseried chicken leg and he could hear Sherry smacking her glossed mouth as she chewed annoyingly loud with the strawberry mint gum she almost always has. Will wrinked his lip into a snarl, disregarding her to the best of his ability but then comes Davids voice calling over the noise, luckily, "She is sitting alone at a table, that could only mean one or two things, mate. One! She could be a massiver /loner/ or two! She doesn't wish to sit with any of us." Wills eyes narrow to him from underneath his brows then cast to Sherry as he pull the skin off the chicken, "What about you, Sherry?"
Sherry stopped rolling her mouth around for once and tilted her head, auburn mess of curls falling along her face as she lands a gaze to the Table with the /newbie/.
"Um, either she thinks she's better than to sit with us or she is just a waste of life," She cockily replied, stabbing a plastic fork into her vegetables as though she had meant to kill them off already.

Sherry had been here for anger management, she disliked anything about anyone and if she couldn't find a way to hate them- she found a way to, even if it meant addressing the subject harshly, cosnidering it would not have came lightly.
Tommy-.. He was sent here for a twisted fantasy his Dad figured he needed to get a grip on, one day, his Father had found him in his Moms closet going through sun dresses and he had a keen interest in wanting to becomes a woman.. as though that had been a bad thing, his Father sent him here after one line spoken: 

'My fascination with Mother had led me to her closet'.

In this case, it would have only made sense he is a little unhealthily obsessed.

David? Well, he came here under a bit of a strange coincidence.
He had been wanting to be /locked/ up some place and in order to fulfill his unatural wish, he had attempted suicide and told his Mum that he wasn't trying to kill himself- go figure -that he was trying to be contained.

Why would he want that?

Nobody here even understood why he has been here for two years now. Makes no sense.

"Well, looks like you guys left me no choice," Will would say then, tossing the leg back into the main course on the tray and sliding it forward as he stood from the table.
Tommy gave him a perplexed, amused eye, "Where are you going, Will?"
"Leaving." Will stated coldly, his eyebrows raising as he looked around to the other two.
The cafeteria had not been any more quiet than before, when he had stood. Another patient looked over his shoulder to him and started sputtering obscene things in a sing songy voice,
"Oh he is a wonderfully gay fellow, he is a fucking good fellow,"
The patients sitting there began pounding on the table, drawing the rests attention,
"He's a ugly ass fellow,-,"
Will turned and spat in the guys face,
"Whoah whoah!"The guy stood then from his table and shoved Will back with both hands causing his platter to fall, there'd been a moment of laughter and /ahs/ as the others then cheered:

"Rodney! Rodney! Rodney!"

Will wasn't having any of that. He just lost a good lunch and with one swift kick of his right leg being drawn back he lowered his eyes as though humble.

"What are ya going to do, eh? That's what I thought! Little wee /bitch/."

Will brought his right fist up with agility, sending Rodneys' chin sky rocketing upward and his body colliding into the cafeteria table behind him. He then layed onto a few trays, some falling to the ground as Will rushed forward and grabbed the guy by his throat, right underneath his jaw and bent over him.
The eye contact had been feirce as though Will sought from a simple /mind thought/ to kill Rodney here and now without him actually having to.
Rodneys arms flailed along the stretch of the table as he layed there in an awkward posistion.

"Will! William!"

It had been an orderly, making her way towards Will then, and not thinking twice about it she had wrapped her arm along the crook of Wills arm and he fell upward in order to remove his body from atop Rodneys though his grip tightened stronger, not wanting to lose that control,
"My room at five this evening, I will show /you/ who's a little bitch!" Will sputtered angrilly, soon being suspended as another orderly had stepped in to take Wills hand from Rodneys throat holding now both arms behind him by two orderlys.

Rodney looked up, defeated but he had a laugh rattling through him with a bloody smile.

"Piss off!" Rodney shouted. 

As Will had been pulled back, so was his plans to greet the new one with a warm welcome.
He didn't even bother looking her way as he had been drug back to his room. Again.
In the past four days.




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