"i could sing you the most beautiful stanza but you don't need it"


2. sakrilege



i converse with a shadow of myself

my genius warps through a sedate mind

but my inner expressions are introverted

i don't drink nor party like an extroverted

terminal soul soaring up to the stars that glisten like wet diamonds

whatever happens on earth is dysfunctional

but i live slowly, it's reasonable to think 

that i would be scared of people and what they think of me

but it's easy to lose myself in personal love

so i pace myself when i feel vain

i don't have the urge to impress you

 i never knew you what makes you think i'll pander to you

you can call me what you want 

rude, vain or hateful

stick my face at the top of your blacklist 

or frame me in crosshairs

so brace yourself while i tell the truth about you

every dirty fact you hear slaughters you

but it's because of the lies you propagate

you use words to tear apart and assassinate

the truth and smear it on my doorstep

so dream alone kudos to you


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