"i could sing you the most beautiful stanza but you don't need it"


1. martyrs


you promised to be yourself

you promised that change would not faze you

your face froze in the flash 

when they came to steal your identity and your privacy

the press killed you twice over 

exposing the pitiless eyes that you possess

even though you tried to mask them with white lies

but it spilled down your front smudging white powder

so you may as well swallow a bullet

since they love a scandal

tipped with gold and reinforced with your face

break the cages until you don't need a newspaper or photographer

to tell you you're beautiful

sit in your attic and feel the dark release you

with its powerful fingers of hope and freedom 

blood diamonds around your wrist still glow

with shattered souls

so you stigmatized me by saying i'm unconnected

i'm a new human with a smell of innocence 

but the truth is in my eyes, sometimes it's comical

that you can't see that you're depressed and your situation is woeful

you binge on fake internet shows but you're still psychotic

and i smile at you with the glint of a sociopathic angel

isn't it ironic that even though i'm a martyr 

you're the one who's dead 

and all you have are tattoos and memories

in your mind

napalm in heaven orange and white smoke

paradise is burning

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