The Marauders: Mischief Managed

Roxanne Weasley is an 18-year-old witch, who's life is turned upside down when she witnesses a murder in a little Hogsmeade shop on the weekend Hogsmeade trip.
With now an ancient ring in her possession, she holds a formidable power that is forbidden in the wizardry world... Time Walking... Much like the famous Time Turner, but equipped with powerful spells.
But it seems that the ring is hunted by a rising enemy, one who will do whatever to have the ring in his clutches, even if it meant facing Roxanne herself.


2. Chapter 2

The Hogwarts Express was amazing, ‘I see it’s gone through a little bit of a touch up’, Ron said with a smile, he was right, the train was gleaming, ‘then again, if we were muggles I guess we wouldn’t give a damn about cleaning it, too much work’, he added with a chuckle.

Roxanne tightened her grip on her suitcase, she was afraid, she was always afraid, she didn’t know why though, it was the same all the time. Rose then nudged her, caching her attention, ‘there’s Scorpius Malfoy, god he’s annoying’.

‘Why, because he likes you?’

Rose’s face grew red, Roxanne was fully aware of the love interest the young pale haired Malfoy had on Rose, ‘you know, you should try and date him, even though uncle Harry had a row with Scorpius’s father doesn’t mean Scorpius is his father’.

‘I can’t just waltz up to him and ask him out’.

‘I never said that... But you could you know’.

Rose punched her in the shoulder, ‘careful I bruise easily’. All the children had brought their trunks to the train, watching as the conductor flicked his wand and the trunks were placed neatly into the storage compartment.

‘You know, I’m gonna miss you’.

Rose said as she went back to their parents, ‘miss me, nah, I highly doubt it’, Roxanne chuckled, earning another punch to the shoulder, ‘I don’t care if you bruise easily, you got to take things seriously’. Through Rise was rather serious, she couldn’t help but smile at Roxanne.

‘Alright, you’ve made sure you’ve got everything with you?’

Angelina hugged her, ‘I’m sure mum’.

‘Alright, but if you don’t, let me know through owl alright’. The goodbyes were the same as usual, no tears at least, it was like that for the first time she went.



The compartments were amazing, ‘it seems like they did a whole new style to it, not saying that I don’t like it or anything’, James said as she chewed on his bubble gum. Roxanne had quickly found her friends from Hogwarts, though the cousins were close, they still had other friends from different classes and it didn’t hurt to get a rest from each other.
She met up with two her friends Jennifer and Thomas. Both were in Slytherin as was Roxanne, yes it did shock the young witch that she would even be placed in there. But she was put to rest when her young cousin Albus was placed into Slytherin as well. The thing was, the bad blood that there was years ago was dying now, sure there would be one or two of those Slytherin’s thinking they were better than everyone, but that was to be expected from Pure Bloods.

‘So, how was your holidays?’

Jennifer asked as she pulled some candy out from her pocket, ‘god why can’t you stop eating?’ Roxanne frowned at her, but accepted the lolly offered to her, ‘doctor says I need more sugar’.

‘Oh of course.... Yeah my holidays have been good, nothing too crazy, I had another food fight with Teddy this morning’.

‘You serious... Mind you he’s rather hot since he’s grown his hair’.

‘Nice try but he’s taken’.

‘I know that!’

But Roxanne could see the hurt in her friends’ eyes, ‘you’ll find someone, trust me’, she was hesitant before she shrugged, ‘yeah, I guess I will, I may never see Teddy again anyway’. All three leaned towards the window when they heard the whistle go, waving goodbye to their parents as the train started moving.



Whilst they were on the tracks, the lady with the cart had arrived, ‘anyone want some food?’

‘Don’t mind if I do, I’m starving’.

Roxanne handed her a few galleons and waited for her food to be plated, ‘so uncle Harry had also told me about the crazy Dementors that attacked this train years ago when he was on it’, she said after she thanked the lady and took her seat in front of Thomas and Jennifer.

‘No way, are you serious?’

‘Yeah, he told me about how he met the werewolf teacher as well’.

‘Oh wow, I didn’t know that the Headmaster allowed that’.

‘Yeah, neither did I’.

Roxanne had heard many stories from her uncles and aunties that revolved around uncle Harry and she wondered how he was handling it all, seeming that he had lost his parents through it. She was kicked out of her stupor the moment Jennifer kicked her gently in the shin, ‘so, I wonder if any teachers left’, Thomas said as he bit down on his apple, ‘I don’t know, I’d say so, they’ve been here for so long’. Roxanne had sat crossed legged on the seat, ‘If I were a teacher, I’d stay as long as I could, as they say, Hogwarts is like home’.
Suddenly the door to their compartment swung open, startling them both, ‘well, isn’t it the weasel’. Roxanne rolled her eyes as she recognized the snarky voice of David Mayford. He was in Slytherin house as well, and encouraged the younger Slytherins’ to bully others and toss around snide remarks.

‘What do you want Mayford?’

‘Oh nothing, just seeing if there’s any empty compartments as usual, it seems this one belongs to us’.

‘Not in a million years, go find another one’.

David took a step towards the three, his wand at the ready now, his three goons were behind him, ‘no, I think I won’t’.

At that very second, Roxanne, Jennifer and Thomas had taken their wands out, pointing them straight at Mayford and his gang, they were one person short, but they couldn’t start a fight here, defiantly not here. That would be one thing she needed today, getting kicked off the train and also receiving a howler from mother.

‘I hope you won’t be starting a fight’.

A shy voice could be heard, Roxanne watched as Mayford turned slightly and scowled at whoever was there before throwing a glare towards the three in the compartment and leading his goons away. A little head popped in, revealing an elf.

‘Oh hello... Thanks for helping us’.

The little elf’s ears perked up, ‘you don’t need to thank me’, she smiled at the little elf, ‘I do, we would’ve made a mess of thing, and you would’ve had to clean it up’. The elf shrugged, ‘nothing new for an elf like me I guess... I have to go, do let me know if they make any more disturbances’. The little elf was gone in a flash.

‘Elf’s are so cute, I feel disgusted that some of the wizards back then treated them with so little respect’.

‘Now days some still do’.

Thomas threw a disgusted face before taking another bite of his apple, ‘some wizards are horrible that way’.
The compartment door swung open once again and all three had their wands out again, but it was only Scorpius, ‘oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you three’. Roxanne pocketed her wand away as did Jennifer and Thomas and sat back down, ‘It’s fine, let me guess, you’re looking for Rose?’ His face lit up to that question, ‘well, she doesn’t want to see you sadly, how about try another time when we get to Hogwarts?’ Roxanne did feel bad for him, he had trouble making friends with students outside his own house for starters, since his father was a Death Eater long ago.

‘Oh, I see... Well then... Better luck next time Malfoy’.

He smiled and closed the door, leaving the three along once again, ‘poor guy, you cousin Rose can be quite harsh, she believes the rumours’.

Jennifer shifted in her seat uncomfortably, ‘yeah, unfortunately that’s the way it is right now’.

‘I mean it could have gone better, but it hasn’t’.

‘No it hasn’t, but he’ll get over it, once he’s out of school things will go back to normal... Hopefully’.

The train had passed the great lake, the sunset was beautiful as the rays bounced off the still water, the mountains were growing darker as the sun went down. The students were going to get to Hogwarts by night fall, but Roxanne didn’t mind that, it was always like that during the start of the year. She just wondered what would happen now.


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