The Marauders: Mischief Managed

Roxanne Weasley is an 18-year-old witch, who's life is turned upside down when she witnesses a murder in a little Hogsmeade shop on the weekend Hogsmeade trip.
With now an ancient ring in her possession, she holds a formidable power that is forbidden in the wizardry world... Time Walking... Much like the famous Time Turner, but equipped with powerful spells.
But it seems that the ring is hunted by a rising enemy, one who will do whatever to have the ring in his clutches, even if it meant facing Roxanne herself.


1. Chapter 1

So, my fellow readers, I have returned after a year or so. I've posted a similar story on my fanfiction site but made the big decision to delete it, as I felt that my English was horrible back then and I had so many writers blocks and yet I kept on writing.

So this is a new and hopefully improved story of The Marauders: Mischief Managed, this plot was thought up by me and me only, and the some of the characters belong to me, not the Harry Potter originals as you may know. 
So I will post up my very first chapter as I haven't finished my story yet, and I plan to post the story up on Fanfiction once the story has been done. 
Please tell me about what you thought. 


The early morning sun seeped through the thin curtains of The Burrow. A bed, not too big, not too small sat in the middle of the room, the sheets crumbled but holding a living breathing being inside. A little knock on the door was what stirred the sheets, revealing a small girl, though she was of age, she was still considered small.

‘Roxy, time for breakfast’.

Angelina poked her head into the room, Angelina was a tall woman with polished brown skin, her jet black hair was pushed back into a high bun. Her dress was littered with numerous flowers of all different sizes and color.
Roxanne took her mother's appearance though her smile resembled more of George Weasleys. Her hair as jet black, even though whenever she stood in the light her hair would end up brown.

‘Hey, mom, what time is it?’

‘Time for you to get up, your cousins are coming over remember?’

Roxanne’s eyes lit up, she totally forgot. The family was coming over so they could all go to the train station to head to Hogwarts.

‘I forgot sorry’.

‘That’s fine, now don’t dawdle’.

She was already out of bed and rushing to get her uniform, ‘actually, don’t get dressed, we don’t want you to get your clothes dirty, come down and quickly get something to eat’. Roxanne followed her mom down the stairs and into the kitchen, her brother Fred was already at the table stuffing his face with toast.

‘You’re finally up’.

Fred chuckled as he licked his fingers, ‘get lost Fred’, Roxanne said as she took her seat at the table, half of the table was set up for the rest of the family, ‘they shouldn’t be too long’, Angelina said as she looked up at the clock.

‘You stress too much’.

George Weasley had appeared next to their mother with a cheeky grin plastered over his face, ‘I have to, because you three never take things seriously’, Angelina rolled her eyes in annoyance, ‘and don’t apparate when the kids are around, it’ll give them bad ideas’, she lightly punched his shoulder. George started to act as if he were dying from the sudden hit, ‘oh get over yourself’, she tried to act serious but failed as she began to laugh.
Fred had kicked Roxanne’s leg to get her attention, ‘so you excited for this to be your last year of Hogwarts?’

‘Not really, I’m gonna miss that school’.

Fred had graduated only last year, he was a year older than her and a foot taller, he too took on his mother looks. In fact, both children weren’t as dark as their mother, but a little lighter.

‘You’re seriously gonna miss that school?’

‘You may not have liked it, but I did’.

‘Probably after Uncle Harry had told you of the stories that happened in there’.

‘Yeah, maybe it was’.

George took his seat next to Fred, ‘What're you two gossiping about?’ Fred pushed his plate away and smirked, ‘Roxy’s gonna miss Hogwarts’, Fred smiled at his younger child, ‘well I wouldn’t blame her, I miss that school too, God it brings back too many memories’.
Both Roxanne and Fred were told about their uncle Fred, George’s twin brother and how they were inseparable. Sometimes Roxanne wished she had an identical twin like her father, but that was never going to happen, she loved her brother Fred anyway.
Suddenly there were multiple clapping sounds and Angelina smiled, ‘guys come on, welcome the family’. Roxanne and the others quickly rushed to the living room to see Harry and Ginny along with their three kids, James, Albus, and Lily. Harry greeted them with a big grin, ‘how’re you all?’ He asked as he greeted George with a big hug as did Angelina, ‘we’ve been great, I hope everything’s been alright back at the household’.

‘Yeah, never been better... You have grown, the both of you!’

Harry’s attention was now on Fred and Roxanne who rushed into his arms, ‘You've gotten so tall Fred!’

Fred had to bend down a little as Harry was a little too short for his liking, ‘I know right, got it from my dad's side’, Fred chuckled, ‘and what about you Roxy, how’re you feeling about being in your last year of Hogwarts?’ Harry smiled at her as she squeezed her in his arms.

‘To be honest Uncle Harry, I don’t want to leave’.

‘Ah, that’s understandable, well you could always get a job –‘.

Angelina had interrupted the conversation, ‘we all know she isn’t going to be doing that, she wants to be an Auror’. Roxanne felt dread encase her, she knew her mother wanted her to be an Auror just like her uncle Harry, but she felt like she wasn’t up for it. Harry could see the internal fight going on and cleared his throat, ‘James, Albus, Lily, come on and give your cousins a welcome hug’. James looked up from his gamepad and blew a gum bubble. Ginny was already chatting up Angelina when there were more claps and all turned to see Ron and Hermione with their children, Rose and Hugo. Both children took on the Weasleys fiery hair, but Rose was said to take on Hermione’s intelligence.

Roxanne quickly rushed to aunty Hermione’s side, ‘How're you, sweetheart?’ Hermione hugged her tightly, ‘I’ve been fantastic and how’re you Uncle Ron?’ Ron gave her a quick hug, ‘oh I’ve been great, so how’re you feeling, about being in your last year and all?’

‘A bit scary, but I’ll get over it’.

‘You’ll be fine sweetie, just focus on your studies and you’ll get through’.

Hermione gave her a gentle pat on the shoulder before quickly going over to Ginny and Angelina, ‘is Teddy and Victoire gonna come?’ Roxanne asked Ron and he nodded, ‘yeah, they weren’t gonna miss your last leave to Hogwarts, they would’ve died if they did’.
Just at that moment another two claps and in came Teddy and Victoire, ‘where’s Roxanne!’ Teddy smiled, Roxanne and Teddy were like partners in crime, at first Teddy was quite withdrawn because of the loss of his parents, but with the help of Roxanne and her cousins, they brought him out of his shell, which also led to him meeting Victoire. She was a tall beautiful woman, she took after mother, being part Veela and all.  

‘Ah, how’re you, sweetie?’

‘I’ve been great’.

Angelina had led everyone to the table, ‘I’ve got cereal and toast for us, along with scrambled eggs if you guys are up for any, mom and dad should be coming down soon, they’re just getting ready’, she said, pointing up. Molly and Arthur lived with them, seeing that George wanted them around he created other living quarters for him but kept it closer to the ground.

‘Eat up everybody’.

Roxanne had quickly gotten some scrambled eggs and more toast, seating herself next to Teddy, ‘that looks amazing’, he nudged Roxanne, ‘don’t even think about starting a food fight’, she glared at him, Teddy’s food fights were the worst because he had the advantage of changing into anything as he took on Tonk’s power, a Metamorphmagus.

‘Who ever said I was going to start one?’

He looked at her with innocent eyes, ‘you always start one, and it’s annoying’, he smirked, ‘well every other time you end up loving it’.

‘I do not!’

‘You do too! Admit it!’

Suddenly he brought his hand down, connecting with the big spoon that was shoved into the scrambled eggs. Roxanne screamed when the warm egg hit her cheek. Everyone was silent.

‘Now... That was uncalled for, I wasn’t actually gonna start a fight’.

Teddy said, his eyes wide with shock, ‘oh you’re asking for it!’ Suddenly Roxanne threw her plate of food at him. The room went up in hysterics as Angelina tried to calm everyone down. James had quickly joined in along with Albus and not so much Lily, who was trying to dodge the eggs flying everywhere. Teddy had transformed himself into a fly, disappearing from Roxanne’s view, ‘no fair Teddy, transform back so I can see you!’ She yelled.

‘That’s enough, the lot of you! We need to be going and you’ve made a mess of everything!’

Angelina was fuming, but Harry had placed his hand on her shoulder, ‘it’s a good thing we’re wizards and with a flick of his wand, he had fixed everything. ‘Get upstairs and get dressed, the lot of you’, Hermione said, she was already stressing.
Teddy had transformed back and watched as the children quickly rushed upstairs, ‘you know I actually didn’t mean to start that’, he said, looking rather withdrawn, but Angelina smiled at him, ‘It’s fine Teddy, like Harry said, it’s a good thing we’re wizards, it’s just that we’ll be running late, that’s all’.




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