Fingers Under Ribs

Peter 12 keeps a diary. It begins simple and straightforward, every detail necessary observation. There are no secrets in Peter 12's diary.


1. Yellow

Here I sit, awaiting Supervisor 741A088 to return as she always does at 3:54. She will bring with her the scent of coffee and sweat, her feet and hands in protective wear. She has a likeness to an alligator, the sheen of her skin a pale blue. She works with precision and silence, Supervisor 741A088 despite her irrefutable mortal quality.

Unlike her, I do not have the ability to die. My blood is Ether fluid, the newest creation of Inventor 553AA241. She has selected me to trial and that is why Supervisor 741A088 walks in everyday at 3:54 to shine lights into my twin lenses. They are attentive to any signs of malfunction I may exhibit in the next two months. As part of my trial, I have been given a series of slates in order to record my thoughts through writing. You are able to understand this because it has been discovered before its time and translated from Common Speak, which is the language I am relating in. You do not understand Common Speak although it is simple enough.

Common Speak has a likeness to your idea of a God or gods or mythical folk as a direct result of its omnipotence and usefulness. It is the epitome of mortal work, and all Mimics are synced with continuous recorded speech to enable efficient tracking of changes that can occur when humans use Common Speak (Commo, CommSpa, ComSpek, et cetera). We do not build places of memory or worship for Common Speak as it is omniscient by nature and does not require reinforcement in its message. Common Speak was first compiled by a Mimic, and Mimics are the work of mankind in their own image. Common Speak is perfect. You will not be able to understand it as you are, reader. For example, you do not even have a name, number, and title (numeble) in the society you live in.

All your perception of the world consists of is colour and feelings. Instead of Common Speak, you have Yellow.

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