The story

Just a short story imagine about the loss of love


8. Nyt kapitel

Time went by it was two months after that she really had the worst time. She was really getting ill and when she got to the hospital things started to go really slow.. she was getting nowhere.

She was still really sick and she didn't say anything. I was loosing her and I hadn't spoken properly with her in almost a month. It was absolutely awful to stand there on the side of her bed knowing that all of this started because of me. Because of what we became. If we hadn't blown up like that this would have never happened. She would've never gotten bullied or hurt. She would've never got sick and I could be at home holding her in my arms squeezing her tiny body now.

This was a mind fuck up . If I hadn't had the guys I would've gone crazy. I mean I did but it would've been even worse if I didn't have them by my side. I would've have lost it completely.

It was to awful to see our fans responses to her illness. Some of them where actually decent people and cared for her while others where straight up monsters. You guys where wishing her good trip to hell. Said it's what she deserved. Saying that she should've been dead already.

She didn't deserve anything of what she got! Not a single thing! You guys are horrible people for wishing her dead! You ruined my life forever! You can get to go home to the persons you love every single day, you're parents your partner! I CANT! You ruined it all! I'm sorry for blaming you but it's true. We all need to face it.

Three days after she woke from the coma state she was in I lost her. She died November 5 at 12.00 am 2016. I lost my life that day.

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