The story

Just a short story imagine about the loss of love


7. Nyt kapitel

The doctors office was completely empty we were the only ones there which was good cause then no one had to freak out.

The doctor were ready almost right away. When he took some test he looked more and more worried. I was scared.

He pulled me to the side, he didn't want her to hear what it was.

He told me that she was very sick. She was to thin and her body was beginning to shut down on her. If she didn't start eating her heart would end up shutting down. There was no cure than to get her to eat and if I couldn't do that she had to go to the hospital.

Tears ran from my eyes as we went to the car. She asked me what's wrong and I told her when we got in the car that she was really sick. That she had to eat something or she would die. And I said to her. "You have to do this, you're all I have left, you're my everything and I can't lose you" it may sound selfish but that's how I felt.

I was terrified of loosing her. I couldn't afford to lose her. She was just to big a part of my life.

She looked at me and said that she was gonna try her best not to leave me and that she was scared too. She was so strong. She was the strongest of us. She always had been.

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