The story

Just a short story imagine about the loss of love


3. Nyt kapitel

When we had our first album released we dropped out of high school. We couldn't follow the classes cause we had meet ups and appointments and stuff. She continued through the rest of the second year without me.

But she should have just stayed home with me. She was caused so much pain at the school. Everyone was after her and picking on her. She came home everyday with a new mark on her skin.

I told her to stay home but she said she had to go and so she did everyday. One day she came home crying and I couldn't make her stop. Finally a couple of hours later when she was more relaxed she told me something that still haunts me to this day. No one should ever be pushed trough something like she did.

At the school some girl and boys had cornered her and everyone was standing around her yelling that she didn't deserve me and that she didn't deserve to live and that she should just go home and kill herself. Then later in the bathroom three girls had again caught her and burned her skin. They had a lighter and with that they burned a giant hole on her waist. It must have hurt so bad.

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