The story

Just a short story imagine about the loss of love


2. Nyt kapitel

Everyone stopped and stared at you. Including me of course, But I just couldn't help should have seen the look on her face when she realized how everyone was looking. Her cheeks where all red but I still thought she was beautiful.

And from that day everything just kinda went on from there. We had our first date two weeks into the school year. Which was a disaster! I spilt milk all over because she made me laugh so much that it flew from my nose. Really really awkward. And it burned like crazy after so also really painful. But I don't know what happen a month or two later we just kinda were unofficially a couple. None of us had asked the other but we just kinda where together from that point and on.

Then second year of high school me and the boys had a breakthrough with our music. We had been making covers on YouTube for a while and stuff but that year it all just exploded in our faces. People began to recognize us in the street and people from our classes started to shown more interest in us than they had before.

I don't know what happen to us. But it was one of the best years of my life. We got a contract with a know recording artist. We got our own studio to record and work our magic in. We got more money. Started singing in public places. Everything just kinda like jumped from a few subscribers and fans to a million in no time.

But one thing that didn't change was our relationship. Me and her were unsepredable. Nothing came between us, not even the crazy fans that started popping up everywhere.

We stuck together me and her.

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