The story

Just a short story imagine about the loss of love


1. Nyt kapitel


Im going to Tell you now a story of my own.

A story about the love of my life, The meaning of it all, And how I lost it.

It all began that summer in high school. Me and my buddy's had been preparing for this day in years! We were freshmans at Wilmington high in California. I can't even describe how much I had been wishing for this day to come. My earlier school years hadn't been that great. I was bullied a lot and didn't really have that many friends. Actually no one, at first. But then in 5th grade me and my three friends Michael, Ashton and Calum kinda became unsepredable. We always hung out together. We basically lived under one roof. And since then it just never changed. We moved there by ourselves, no parents, no nothing. We really felt that our lives had taken a turn for the good.

But that first day of high school I'll always remember like it was yesterday. We were all standing in a large group and were shown all the important things of the school. Like where the bathrooms were and the classrooms and our lockers and so on. We were halfway through the "tour" when you came running around the Corner. I remember you where wearing two different types of socks and you hair was halfway fallen out of the bun and you were kinda sweaty. But still you were the most beautiful thing I long had seen.

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