Sounds Of Silence

You'd climb through my window when something was wrong, I could always count on you to make me happy. But now your sad because we both changed our paths and moved on.

The night of the funeral of her parents changes everything for Ajax Bailey.

Ajax starts having these dreams that feel all to much like reality and one night one of the dreams wakes her and keeps her from going back to sleep.

She does some research and what she finds isn't what she expected to find.

Will Luca help Aj revenge her parents death?
Will Luca turn against her and kill her?


1. Prologue

She walked up to her mom and dads casket as tears tickled her blue eyes.

"I'll make them pay for whoever did this I swear it." 
Aj whispered to her parents as she kissed their foreheads and walked out of the funeral home.

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