The Guy Next Door (LastMann Fanfic) (continued)

The guy next door the first story just continued!!

This is a story about a girl that just moved into and apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans!!

What will happen!!


2. Chpt.10: Seeing the Guy that Molested Her

When we got to the mall me and Adym were together. Bree and Jason and Jen and Sawyer. So when we walked in I froze up and I saw my worst nightmare!

I couldn't walk into the mall anymore if I did he would see me and find out what I've been up to and try to do it to me all again. So I backed up.


"Hey babe what's wrong?" Adym asked.


I just stared at him in shock and he could tell I was scared.


'Sirena is he here!!" Bree and Jen said.

I shock my head yes. Then Jen and Bree came by me and hugged me and said

"Were leaving right now we need to go to a different place!" Bree demanded.


But I turned around and I ran to Adym and I hugged him. I didn't want to let go. He is everything. I will never let go of Adym. I love him! Adym just hugged me back and he put my legs around his waist and I covered my face by shoving it into Adym's chest. we went to the car and left!


"Babe please tell me what's wrong?! What's going on?!" Adym asked me all nervous.


"You want me to tell him Siren!?" Jen asked me.


"No I'll do it!" I answered.


"I froze up because I saw the guy that molested me when I was about 15!" I started to cry just thinking of the torture he put me through!


"What's his name? What happened? Why did he do it?!" Adym asked.


I took a deep breath and I explained the whole story!


"Here we go. His name is James. James Cyrus. He was this guy that I thought was cute when I was in high school. I was a freshman he was a senior. He never knew me he just treated me like any other freshman he picked on me he told me to kill myself everything. Anyways later on in the year prom was coming up and he wanted to ask somebody but he wanted to go with somebody else not a senior but a freshman. He wanted to ask me the freshman named Sirena to prom and that's exactly what he did. But, that night he picked me up we went to prom and we had fun then at around 12:30am he took me to a hotel room where we were staying but I was staying with the girls he was staying with the guys. But in stead he decided to have the girls staying with the guys for about an hour. I was kind of scared and just wanted to change in to something comfortable and lay down and watch movies or write my story. But, no he decided to pin me to the bed and he ripped my clothes off. I was scared of what he was doing. Then, I saw it his dick not his boxers but his dick hanging out of his pants and his boxers. Then he took his boxers off and his pants off. I was so scared. He didn't even put a condom on. I was scared of what was happening. I couldn't get out of his grip and then he stopped because the guys walked in and the girls and they pulled him off of me and the senior named Sean Paul drove me home and he helped me out of the car but I didn't want to get out so I asked Sean if I could stay with his brother at his house and he said yeah just stay in my room and you and my brother can hang out in my room. I just wanted to be able to have a friend to help me and make me feel better. But, I got really sad because, when I walked into his room he hugged me and told me that he wasn't leaving and he didn't care about Prom weekend so we stayed with me. Reminding you that Sean is James's best friend and he still is. But, that's what happened and I went home the next day and Sean walked me into my house and he told my mom and dad what happened and my parents ran right to me and then they went to the school on Monday and walked me into the principal's office. Guess who got in trouble. Yeah James Cyrus did!! He got expelled from school and he had to take online classes and he had to stay away from the school while I was still in school. That's what really happened and why I just don't know why he did it!!" I started to cry again just talking about it and imagining it again because very time I talk about it I can't not imagine it because, it was the scariest moment of my life!!





"OMG babe I'm so sorry I'm here and I will never do that to you!!" Adym stated as he hugged me and kissed my forehead and I didn't want to let go of Adym!!











Where will they go now?


Will they go to the party tonight?


Or will they just go home and stay there and watch movies as a family?!





Find out next chapter!!






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