The Guy Next Door (LastMann Fanfic) (continued)

The guy next door the first story just continued!!

This is a story about a girl that just moved into and apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans!!

What will happen!!


1. Chpt. 9: Telling Everybody about the party

 It was 1:30am me and Adym were still up so we decided to go to sleep but we didn't fall asleep until like 3.

We woke up in literally 4 hours not even!

we then laid in bed for a little bit and then we got up and changed! I went to go and put my pants on but mr. I want to have sex over here came up behind me and picked me up and threw me back on the bed and ran into the bathroom and locked it.

So since he locked the door I yelled


"Ok I'm leaving now!"

I pretended to walk out the door and he then came out and I pushed him into the bathroom and I attacked his lips and I just didn't want to leave but yet him and his brother Sawyer were gonna be with us all day so I'm all good lol.


"Can we go to my place now since we gotta tell everybody about the party?!"

"Ok let me put my shirt on and my hat cause my hairs looking crazy!" Adym stated.

"Nah I'll do ur hair right now just wash it real quick and then I'll style it!!" I said.


"Ok whatever you want babe!!" He said smiling as he looked at me as I blushed.


I did his hair in less than 20 minutes! It came out good asf.


Anyways we went to my place and we had to tell them about the party my ex was throwing and texted me about it! If he thinks he's gonna get me by myself to try and do shit ha he's funny cause all my friends and my boyfriend is coming with me. And I know that Adym won't leave my side.


"Hey Bree, Hey Jen! Morning." I said all smiles.


"Hey why are u so happy!" Jen said as they both looked at me strange.


"We have to tell u something! That's happening today!" I said as me and Adym looked at them and Sawyer.


"Ok go ahead it best not be bad!" Bree said.


"So you remember her ex right!" Adym said.


"Yeah well he texted me last night when I was at Adym's and we were laying down watching Netflix and he said that he's having a party today and he sent me the address for the party. I want to go but I don't want to go by myself!!" I explained.


"Oh fuck yeah we are all going we gotta look good asf and u and Adym better be looking sexy asf so that he gets pissed off and he doesn't try and do anything to you or shit u know what happened last time!" Bree said.


"Oh fuck yeah were definitely going to this party! We're going to look good asf!" Jen said looking at Sawyer.


"Ok so were going?!" I said.


"Hey Jen can I talk to u really quick!" I asked.


"Yeah sure!" Jen answered.


"So do u like Sawyer!" I questioned her.


"I think he's kind of cute! Why?" She answered me.


"Well cause your always looking at him whenever he's over and I was just wondering why don't you ask him out!" I said.


"Bitch are you crazy he's gotta ask me out not me ask him! Plus if he doesn't ask me it's fine I'll find a LA hottie for myself!!" Jen replied back.


"Damn ok I see u lmao! I love you and if you ever need help with that you let me know!" I exclaimed.


"Thanks and love you to plus you got a boy u don't need to look to!" She laughed out loud.


"I can still look!" I exclaimed.








After we told them we decided to go to the mall so we can get outfits for the party tonight!


(Oh yeah it's Me, Bree, Jen, Sawyer, Adym, and Jason just to confirm who we were) 


We got to the mall in less then 30 minutes. But when we got in there I saw him my worst nightmare!!











Who did Sirena see?


What will happen now??


Will they leave the mall?


Find out next chapter!!


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